A USB flash drive printed with the famous scenes and lines of the characters from “Demon Slayer” will be released!

Verbatim Japan will release the “Famous Scene” series and the “Famous Line” series of USB flash drives printed with characters from the TV anime “Demon slayer”.

There are 7 types of “famous scenes” and 5 types of “famous lines”.

The “famous scene” series is a 32GB USB flash drive (USB 3.2 compliant) with prints of famous scenes of Tanjiro Kamon, Priestess Kamon, Zenitsu Wagatsuma, Inosuke Hashibira, Shinobu Butterfly, and Yoshiyu Tomioka. There are a total of seven types printed with famous scenes of Shinobu Butterfly, Shinobu Butterfly, and Yoshiyu Tomioka.

The “famous line design” series consists of a 16GB USB memory stick (USB2.0 compliant) with five different types of prints of famous lines of Sumijiro Kamon, Priestess Kamon, Zenitsu Wagatsuma, Inosuke Hashihira, and Juro Rengoku. The lineup includes a total of five types printed with the characters and their famous lines.

Comes with a strap for easy carrying.

On the back of each USB flash drive, patterns and accessories associated with the characters appearing in the series are printed. Each comes with a strap for easy carrying! You can carry around the USB memory stick of your favorite character.


Demon slayer USB memory stick

【Release Date】 To be launched in February 2022.
32GB (USB3.2 compliant) “Great Scenes” series, all 7 types
16GB (USB2.0 compliant) “Great Lines” series, all 5 types
【Store】 Consumer electronics mass merchandisers, home centers, drug stores, general supermarkets, and online stores nationwide

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