A variety of sweet potato sweets, from standard to advanced, will be gathered at the Hanshin Umeda Main Store! The 2nd “Sweet Potato in Love” will be held for a limited time!


The Hanshin Umeda Main Store will hold the “2nd Sweet Potato in Love,” a gourmet event specializing in sweet potato sweets, from January 7 (Sat.) to 16 (Mon.), 2023.

Various sweet potato sweets gathered at Hanshin Umeda Flagship Store

“Sweet Potato in Love” is a popular event where visitors can enjoy a wide variety of sweet potato sweets, from classic yaki-imo and takaimo (baked sweet potatoes) to more advanced sweets that bring out new charms. This year, the second edition of the event, a total of 11 stores that know all about sweet and juicy sweet potatoes will open stalls and sell their specialties.

OIMO cafe, Saitama: “Baked sweet potato” 331 yen per 100g

Imodaya Matasaburo, Osaka: “Matasaburo Ame-imo”

For example, “Matazaburo Ame-imo,” the signature dish of Imodaya Matazaburo in Osaka, is a university sweet potato made by combining the sweetness of Anno sweet potatoes and candy mixed with dashi (Japanese soup stock) and soy sauce. The sweetness of the Anno sweet potato is brought out by slow frying it, and the rich and flavorful candy is mixed with the sweet potato in two batches.

*Ame-imo = Caramelized Sweet Potato

Imodaya Matasaburo, Osaka: “Matasaburo Ame-imo”

Yakimodokoro DoCo? Nibankan, Yamagata: “Yakimo Mont Blanc Crepe”

DoCo? Nibankan, a baked sweet potato specialty store in Yamagata, has introduced the “Yakimo Mont Blanc Crepe,” a fusion of a baked sweet potato and a crepe. The “Yakimo Mont Blanc Crepe” is an evolutionary hybrid sweet that combines a crepe and “Yakimo Mont Blanc,” which is made from silky sweet potatoes seasoned with only salt and butter.

Yakimodokoro DoCo? Nibankan, Yamagata: “Yakimo Mont Blanc Crepe” 900 yen

*Yakiimo = Baked Sweet Potato

A variety of menu items, from standard to evolved dishes

In addition, each store offers its own specialties, such as “Tarte Kintoki” from Osaka’s Mitsukoya SUNAJI, a crisply baked tart filled with sweet potato paste, and baked sweet potatoes from Saitama’s OIMO Cafe, a sweet potato farmer that has been in business since the Edo period (1603-1868).

SUNAJI, Mikkoya, Osaka “Tarte Kintoki” 3 pieces, 1,291 yen


2nd Sweet Potato in Love

【Sales Period】 January 7 (Sat.) – 16 (Mon.), 2023
【Location】 Hanshin Umeda Main Store, 1st floor, Shokusai Terrace