A wide variety of puddings from popular stores across Japan gather at Hanshin Umeda Main Store! The gourmet fair “Pudding Holidays” is now underway!

Hanshin Umeda Main Store will hold a gourmet fair specializing in pudding, “Pudding Holiday,” from March 2 (Wed.) to March 14 (Mon.), 2022.

Pudding Holidays” at Hanshin Umeda Main Store: Pudding from popular stores across Japan

What will be gathered at the event are unique puddings made by carefully selected popular stores from all over Japan. More than 70 different kinds of puddings will be on sale, ranging from slightly thicker standard custard puddings to various flavored puddings, local puddings, and unusual puddings with unexpected combinations.

Taiwanese-style pudding “Nansho Pudding”

For example, the Taiwanese sweet store Nansho Douhua, which specializes in tohua, proposed a Taiwanese-style pudding called “Nansho Pudding. The pudding is based on an old-fashioned pudding with a bitter caramel sauce and topped with either taro paste, which is popular in Taiwan, or “noodle tea,” a mixture of flour, peanuts, and white sesame seeds.

<Nansho Douhua> “Nansho Pudding” 560 yen

A diverse lineup including Daifuku pudding wrapped in gyuhi and pudding to be sucked and savored

In addition, the Croffle Pudding A La Mode is a waffle made with croissant dough, topped with pudding and vanilla ice cream and finished with caramel sauce, and the rich, bittersweet caramel pudding made by a pudding specialty store. Pudding Daifuku , pudding wrapped in fresh cream and gyuhi, and Chu Chu Pudding <Pudding Specialty Store Pleeeeeen! >The puddings are a variety of puddings, such as “Puddin’ Puddin’!

<YURARI> “Daifuku pudding” 290 yen

Local puddings that make you feel like you are on a trip.

Also, Japan’s first site specializing in ordering pudding, “Tokimeki! Pudding”, Japan’s first website specializing in ordering puddings from Japan, also features 32 types of local puddings from 10 stores. A variety of puddings are available, including Mitarashi soy sauce pudding made by a soy sauce shop, pudding made by one of the world’s largest airline in-flight catering patissiers, and one that has been the talk of the town on TV, all of which will make you feel like traveling.


“Pudding Holidays”

【Event Period】 Mar. 2 (Wed) – 14 (Mon), 2022
【Venue】 Hanshin Umeda Main Store, 1st floor, Shokusai Terrace
【Address】 1 Chome-13-13 Umeda, Kita Ward, Osaka

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