About 140 brands will be gathered at Abeno Harukas, including 2023 Valentine’s Day products, limited chocolate parfaits, and “petal” chocolates!

The Valentine Fair “Chocolat Collection 2023” at Kintetsu Main Store Abeno Harukas in Osaka will be held from Wednesday, January 18, 2023 to Tuesday, February 14, 2023.

2023 Valentine’s Day at Abeno Harukas

The main theme for 2023 is “LIVE x LINK x LOVE!” About 140 brands will participate and sell chocolates and sweets. In addition to the “Chocolate Parfait Expo” where you can enjoy experiences unique to the venue and the venue sweets, we will prepare original chocolates created by collaboration between Kansai producers and chocolate brands, and Valentine items that can be enjoyed with chocolate.

Right) [Cacao Cat x Chocolate Origin]
Lava cake 759 yen per piece
*Limited to 100 each day

Chocolate Parfait Expo

A total of 13 types of parfait will be prepared in turn at the “Chocoparfait Expo”, which will be held for the first time. Including Escool’s “Sake and Chocolate LINK Parfait” that links sake from Nara and Wakayama with popular chocolate and gelato from Osaka, Jean-Charles Rocheux’s “Parfait Chocolat” where you can enjoy the rich taste of raspberries and chocolate, Abeno Harukas Kintetsu Main Store exclusive parfaits such as Ecture’s “Chocolat Raspberry Parfait” with sweet and sour raspberry sauce will be available.

[Jean-Charles Rocheux] Parfait Chocolat 1,980 yen
* Limited number of 100 each day, released from January 22 (Sun) to 24 (Tue)

In addition to the parfait, there are plenty of venue-limited sweets. Ladurée’s chocolate soft-serve ice cream decorated with macaroons, GODIVA’s “Special crepe raw chocolate”, and “Lava cake” where you can taste rich chocolate with cacao cat and chocolate origin will be sold for a limited time.

[Ladurée] Delice Chocolat 748 yen each

First appearance 25 brands of chocolate

In addition, 25 brands will appear for the first time this time. Shodai Kore no Bionature, which sells petal-shaped chocolates with six different flavors such as strawberry and yuzu, and New York Perfect Cheese, which sells langue de chat with Gouda cheese powder wrapped in cream cheese flavored chocolate, will open stores.

[Shodai Bio Nature] Canned coffret rosé 4,900 yen

Chocolate made with ingredients from Osaka, Nara and Wakayama

Also pay attention to limited chocolates that combine ingredients produced in Osaka, Nara, and Wakayama, chocolateries, and Western confectionery brands.

Merry Chocolate has collaborated with Shinomine, a Japanese sake brewed using only the phantom rice''Kamenoo” by Chiyo Sake Brewery, a sake brewery in Nara Prefecture, and Wakayama Prefecture’s specialty “Grape Sansho”. and blueberry with two layers of ganache “Kintetsu Original Selection”, Ecture’s “La Motte Raspberry”, a set of raspberry jam and chocolate from “Tatsuta Jam”, a jam specialty store in Ikeda City, Osaka Prefecture, Filled with flavorful chocolates.

[Exture] La Motte Raspberry 1 bottle 2,376 yen

Limited accessories with chocolate motifs

In addition to chocolate, accessories and miscellaneous goods that liven up the Valentine’s mood are also lined up in the store. Items that make you feel gorgeous, such as transparent accessories with a chocolate motif, candles with a strawberry cake motif, and colorful transparent earrings, are perfect for Valentine’s Day gifts.


■ Valentine Fair “Chocolat Collection 2023”
【Event Period】 January 18 (Wednesday) to February 14 (Tuesday), 2023
【Location】 Abeno Harukas Kintetsu Main Store Wing Building 9F event venue, etc.
【Address】 Abeno Harukas Tower, 1-1-43 Abenosuji, Abeno-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka

■ Chocolate Parfait Expo
【Expo Period】 January 18 (Wednesday) to 29 (Sunday)

【Official Website】 https://www.d-kintetsu.co.jp/store/promo/2023valentine/