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Francfranc will start selling the 2023 model of the portable small fan “FRAIS Portable Fan” series from late March 2023 at Francfranc stores nationwide.

Portable “FRAIS Handy Fan” 2023 new model

Among the new products in the “FRAIS Portable Fan” series, which are perfect for fighting the heat, pay attention to Franflan’s small fan “FRAIS Handy Fan”. It is a USB rechargeable type with a compact size, and it is a 2-way type that can be used on a desktop or portable. Great for festivals, watching sports, commuting to work or school, office desks, washrooms, kitchens, etc.

For the 2023 model, mature white and beige marble colors and photogenic purple and blue gradation colors are newly introduced.

Aurora colors such as simple white and mint, glossy white and pink are also available. We also have the “FRAIS Rotating Stand” that adds just the right height and swing function, so we recommend getting it together with the “FRAIS Handy Fan”.

There are also clips, carabiners, and neck fans.

In addition, the “FRAIS Mini Fan” that can be attached to various places such as parasols and bags with the attached clip, the thin “FRAIS Carry Fan” with a carabiner, and the cute design that looks like a macaron. The line-up also includes the neck-hanging “FRAIS Neck Fan”.

In addition, we have a large number of fans that are ideal for hot summers, such as a circulator fan equipped with a DC motor that can automatically swing up and down and left and right, and a compact and multi-functional rechargeable desk fan “FRAIS Aroma Desk Fan” recommended for rooms where you live alone. .


Francfranc “FRAIS Portable Fan” New in 2023

【Release Date】 Sequentially from late March 2023
【Store】 Francfranc stores nationwide, Francfranc online shop
【Official Website】