All of them are cute and I get lost! Cute and happy goods and limited menu items from Tokyo DisneySea!

Tokyo DisneySea will release Duffy & Friends goods and menus with souvenirs from May 18, 2023 (Thursday).

Menu with Duffy & Friends goods & souvenirs

In line with the theme of “connecting and celebrating together” of the anniversary event “Tokyo Disney Resort 40th Anniversary ‘Dream Go Round'” held by Tokyo Disney Resort from Saturday, April 15, 2023, Duffy & “Duffy & Friends from All of Us” is a design that expresses the bond between Friends and Mickey Mouse. In the first installment, Duffy and the 7 friends prepare a present for Mickey Mouse on a long voyage by holding a “Goodbye Party”.

In the second installment, which follows the first installment, we will develop limited goods and menus that will make everyone smile while surrounding Mickey Mouse who received a gift from Duffy & Friends.

Stuffed toy charm wearing a “triangle hat”

The best recommended item is a palm-sized stuffed animal charm with a ball chain attached. Each of the seven characters, including Duffy and ShellieMay, will appear in cute designs with pastel-colored balloons. It is also a point that he is wearing a three-cornered hat for the party of Mickey Mouse on a long voyage.

Postcards, pin badges, etc.

In addition, a set of postcard holders and postcards with 16 pockets, a pin badge that is in a box so that the contents cannot be seen, and a garland that can be displayed in the room are also on sale.

1 pin badge 1,100 yen, all 8 types set 8,800 yen

Duffy’s tote to enjoy the “Have a nice day”

Duffy & Friends and Mickey Mouse are drawn on the tote bag that you will want to carry around the park.

Tote bag 3,200 yen

Image of Mickey Mouse trunk case

Menus with souvenirs will have a mini snack case and a souvenir coaster. The mini snack case is inspired by Mickey Mouse’s trunk case on a long voyage. You can put colorful chocolate inside.

Colorful chocolate, with mini snack case 1,200yen

Souvenir coasters in warm colors

On the other hand, the souvenir coaster, which can be purchased with target drinks such as sparkling drinks, is finished in warm colors that make you feel the bond between Duffy & Friends and Mickey Mouse.

Souvenir coaster Add 650 yen to the target menu *Target menu example: Sparkling drink (mango & passion fruit) 600 yen


Menu with Duffy & Friends Goods & Souvenirs

【Release Date】 Thursday, May 18, 2023
【Place】 Tokyo Disney Sea
【Address】 1-1 Maihama, Urayasu City, Chiba Prefecture
【Official Website】