All-you-can-eat “peaches and melons” has started at Sweets Paradise!


Fruit Paradise “All-you-can-eat Peaches & Melons” will be held at Sweets Paradise from Monday, July 5, 2021 to Monday, August 16, 2021.

All-you-can-eat juicy “peaches” and mellow “melons”!

For the summer of 2021, Sweets Paradise will offer all-you-can-eat peaches, which will be in season, as well as melons, a high-class fruit. “For the summer of 2021, they will be offering all-you-can-eat peaches, which are coming into season, as well as melons, a high-class fruit.

The “All-you-can-eat Peaches and Melons” program allows you to enjoy fresh and juicy “peaches” and “melons” with a rich aroma and sweet taste, both delivered directly from the production area. “The peaches are delivered from a farmer in Yamanashi Prefecture, which boasts the largest production volume in Japan. You can arrange it by putting ice cream on it, or make your own original sweets. Why don’t you enjoy the fruits in your own way?

Limited edition sweets are also offered only to those who order them.

There will also be limited sweets available only to those who order Fruit Paradise. From August, peach juice will be available for a limited time.

The “Peach and Melon Eat Free” includes a recommended buffet with a drink bar, Haagen-Dazs Il Gelato, a salad bar, and all-you-can-eat potatoes.


Fruit Paradise “All-you-can-eat Peaches & Melons”

【Sales Period】 Jul 5 (Mon) – Aug 16 (Mon), 2021
*Period subject to change depending on availability.
【Store】 All Sweets Paradise stores
【Store in Osaka】 Umeda, Tennoji Mio, Expo City
【Price】 Adults: 2,580 yen, Children: 1,800 yen * Time limit: 100 minutes
All-you-can-eat peaches and melons + recommended buffet (with drink bar & Haagen-Dazs Il Gelato) + salad bar + all-you-can-eat potatoes
*Varieties may vary depending on availability.
*Limited to orders from all members of a group.
*Limited to one order per group. *Sales may be canceled without prior notice due to stock status.
*Peach juice is available for a limited time from August.