AMAOHU strawberry and BENIHOPPE strawberry cakes galore! Antenor holds “Strawberry Festa

From January 15 (Sat.), which is Strawberry Day, “Antenor” will hold a “Strawberry Festa” where you can fully enjoy the deliciousness of the best “seasonal strawberries”.

Delivering a limited-time flavor using strawberries.

The “Strawberry Festa” offers a variety of cakes, including savory tarts that bring out the sweet and sour flavor of strawberries, popular shortcakes, and cakes that can be enjoyed in harmony with chocolate. The Western Japan area will feature “Fukuoka Amaou strawberries” and the Kanto area will feature “Benihoppe strawberries,” both of which are only available for a limited time.

Limited time offer until March 31 (Thu.)

On sale from January 15 (Sat) to March 31 (Thu) will be the new 2022 “Amao Strawberry (Benihoppe Strawberry) and Berry Tart,” a savory almond tart layered with three kinds of sweet and sour berry mousse, smooth cream, and lavishly decorated with seasonal strawberries. The new cake for 2022 is the “Amao Strawberry (Benihoppe Strawberry) and Berry Tart,” which is lavishly decorated with a blend of fresh Hokkaido cream, soft and fluffy sponge, and sweet and sour seasonal strawberries. Strawberry (Benihoppe Strawberry) Chocolat Tart” (12cm/2,268 yen including tax) and 15cm/3,240 yen including tax).

Limited time offer until February 28 (Mon.)

Also available from Saturday, January 15 to Monday, February 28 is the “Amaou Strawberry (Benihoppe Strawberry) Mascarpone Tart,” a sweet and sour strawberry mousse wrapped in strawberry cream made with mascarpone cheese and layered on a savory almond tart for ¥627 (tax included). Crispy chocolate with almonds, sweet and sour berry mousse, Earl Grey-scented ganache, and chocolate sponge are wrapped in the “Amaou Strawberry (Benihoppe Strawberry) and Chocolat Gateau” ¥670 (tax included), which is perfect for Valentine’s Day. The lineup includes “Amaou Strawberry (Benihoppe Strawberry) and Ruby Chocolat Roll” priced at 1,642 yen (tax included).


Strawberry Festa by ANTENOR

【Event Start】 Jan 15 (Sat), 2022
【Store】 ANTENOR nationwide
【Store in Osaka】 Hanshin Umeda Store, Kintetsu Abeno Harkas Store, Senri Hankyu, Keihan Kyobashi Store, Keihan Kuzuha Mall Store