At The Westin Osaka, “Rabbit” Strawberry Daifuku and “Swan” Cream Puff “Happy Afternoon Tea” will be available from today!


A limited afternoon tea set “Shiawase Afternoon Tea” is now available from The Westin Osaka. From February 1st (Wednesday) to April 28th (Friday), 2023, it will be served at the restaurant “Amadeus” on the 1st floor.

Afternoon tea sprinkled with sweets with a “happiness” motif

The Westin Osaka’s “Shiawase Afternoon Tea” is an afternoon tea that you can enjoy with all five senses, packed with “looks, eats and tastes delicious” provided by the hotel’s chef patissier and the restaurant’s chef.

Strawberry Daifuku shaped like the zodiac of 2023

The sweets are “sweets to eat while looking for happiness”, and there are 7 types of sweets with strawberries as the main character, such as daifuku, cream puff swan, and mousse made with roses, with the 2023 zodiac “rabbit” as the main theme.

Authentic savory by restaurant chef

Savory is a restaurant that uses plenty of auspicious ingredients such as salmon roe and caviar wrapped in crepe dough and decorated with a ribbon like a gift, Omar bisque quiche, and rose foie gras. The chef’s full-fledged menu is available.


The Westin Osaka “Happy Afternoon Tea” *Limited to 20 servings per day

【Sales Period】 February 1 (Wednesday) to April 28 (Friday), 2023
【Hour】 Weekdays/13:30-18:00 (last 16:00-), Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays/13:30-17:00 (last 15:00-) *120 minute system
【Restaurant】 The Westin Osaka 1F Restaurant “Amadeus”
【Address】 1-1-20 Oyodonaka, Kita Ward, Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture
【Price】 6,000 yen (includes coffee, tea, and scone souvenir) *service charge included
【Reservation】 06-6440-1062 or Online
【Official Website】