“B-Grade Gourmet (locals’ favorite food) Festival” will be held at Hirakata Park during the big holiday weekend!

“B-Grade Gourmet (locals’ favorite food) Festival” will be held at Hirakata Park during a major holiday weekend from April 29 (Fri., national holiday) to May 8 (Sun.).

“B-Grade Gourmet (locals’ favorite food) Festival”

Kitchen cars & food stalls will appear throughout the park. Want to eat with gusto! Want to eat and walk around easily! Want to take a break with sweets! You can choose from a variety of menus to suit your needs. The “Gutty” menu features Fujinomiya yakisoba noodles with a unique texture and secret sauce, while the “Walk-around” menu features a hearty chicken kebab sandwich with meat and vegetables, and the “Sweets” menu features a variety of sweets. In the “sweets” category, you can enjoy shaved ice with a cute looking bear that is delicious to eat.

What gourmet foods and sweets will be featured in the “B-Grade Gourmet Festival”?

1) Fujinomiya yakisoba

Fujinomiya Yakisoba (600 yen, tax included) is a local delicacy representing Shizuoka, which has won the “B-1 Grand Prix” for many years.

The unique texture of the noodles and the secret sauce are said to be exquisite!

2) Tamayo-Chan

Tamayo-chan” (800 yen, tax included) is “Fujinomiya Yakisoba” topped with an egg and mayonnaise.

It’s a gutsy, satisfying gourmet dish!

3) Chicken Kebab Sandwich

The “Chicken Kebab Sandwich” (700 yen, tax included) is a sandwich of meat and fresh vegetables with homemade sauce.

It is a handsome and hearty kebab sandwich.

4) Smoked Turkey Leg

Big and powerful “Smoked Turkey Leg” (800 yen, tax included).

It’s the kind of size that makes you want to bite into it wildly!

5) Shaved ice with bears

The “Kuma-chan Shaved Ice” (700 yen, tax included) is made with lemon for the ears, Daifuku with ice cream for the nose, and chocolate for the eyes.

The homemade condensed milk syrup on the top makes this shaved ice a handsome and cute item.

6) Strawberry Rare Cheese Crepe

Strawberry Rare Cheese Crepe” (600 yen, tax included) topped with carefully selected strawberries and whipped cream.

The sweet crepe and sour rare cheese go perfectly together!

7) Baby sponge cake

Baby Castella” (500 yen and up, tax included), a staple menu item at festivals.

These bite-sized sponge cakes are a delight as a gourmet food to eat!

8) Candied Fruit

Fruit candy” (450 yen and up, tax included) is made by coating strawberries and bananas with candy or chocolate.

These are familiar sweets loved by men and women of all ages.

9) Dippin’ Dots Float

Dippin’ Dots Float” (500 yen, tax included) is a drink topped with minus 40°C ice cream.

A cool and tasty float with 15 varieties to choose from!


B-Grade Gourmet (locals’ favorite food) Festival

【Event Period】 April 29 (Fri, Holiday) – May 8 (Sun),2022
【Location】 Hirakata Park
【Address】 1-1 Hirakata Koen-cho, Hirakata City, Osaka, Japan
【Hour】 10:00 – closing time
*Last order is 30 minutes before.
*Opening hours may vary depending on the restaurant.
*Admission fee to Hirakata Park is required.