BABBI’s first Valentine’s Day assortment of matcha wafers and pistachios

BABBI, a specialty store of wafers and sweets from Italy, has introduced Valentine’s Day sweets for 2022, which will be available at all BABBI stores from January 3 (Mon.), 2022.

BABBI’s First Matcha Sweets

In 2022, Babi’s lineup will be rich in variety, including new products and even “pistachio” flavored sweets. Of particular note is the “Matcha Assortment,” Babi’s first ever assortment of matcha-taste sweets.

The assortment consists of three types of sweets: the standard “Grandwafferini” cream pea wafer, the bite-sized “Babbino,” and the seasonal “Viennazzi” chocolate wafer. You can compare the flavor of matcha with sweets of different textures and tastes.

Matcha assortment 1,728 yen

Valentine’s Day Limited Edition “Cacao” Wafers

Valentine’s Day Limited “Cacao” WafersThe “Cacao Wafelini Chocolate” wafers are also available for Valentine’s Day. These wafers are made with cacao kneaded into the dough and baked slowly, and can only be tasted during the Valentine’s Day season.

Cacao waffelini chocolates: 2,160 yen

They also have an assortment of pistachios.

Pistachio Mania”, a popular series of pistachio-filled products, is also available for pistachio lovers. A variety of sweets such as pistachio flavored wafers, bonbons and creminis are packed in a limited edition basket box.


BABBI’s Valentine’s Sweets

【Release Date】 Jan 3 (Mon), 2022
【Store】 Shop at all BABI locations, BABI Online Shop, etc.
【Store in Osaka】 Hankyu Umeda Main Store B1F