Baccarat introduces the Baccarat Pokémon Collection!

Baccarat presents the “Baccarat Pokémon Collection”. Crystal glass objects with the motif of Pikachu and Monster Ball are now on sale at Baccarat Shop Marunouchi and other locations from November 8, 2021 (Mon).

Pikachu & Monster Ball Object

The “Baccarat Pokémon Collection,” released to commemorate the 25th anniversary of Pokémon, includes objects representing Pikachu and Monster Ball. Pikachu is posed with his arms outstretched and ears up in an adorable pose. The monster ball is designed in Baccarat’s signature clear crystal glass with gold lines and other details.

The object can be displayed on a shelf as a decorative piece or used as a paperweight. It is also a perfect gift for Pokémon fans.

Pikachu: 55,000 yen, Monster Ball: 49,500 yen

Limited edition models by Hiroshi Fujiwara Fragment Design are also available.

Pikachu by fragment design”, created by Hiroshi Fujiwara, is also available in limited quantities. The product is a condensation of Baccarat’s advanced craftsmanship, with the lightning bolt logo of Fragment Design engraved on the polyhedron body of Pikachu.

Pikachu by fragment design 3,080,000 yen *World limited edition of 25 pieces


Baccarat Pokemon Collection

【Release Date】 Nov. 8 (Mon), 2021
【Price】 Pikachu, ¥55,000, size: H14.5cm / Monster Ball: ¥49,500, size: 7cm (diameter)
【Store】 Baccarat Shop Marunouchi, Baccarat Official Online Shop

Pikachu by fragment design 3,080,000 yen Size: H30cm (*Limited to 25 pieces worldwide)
【Store】 Baccarat Shop Marunouchi