Bake Cheese Tart has released a limited time only “Matcha Kinako Azuki Cheese Tart”!


BAKE CHEESE TART has introduced a limited time only sweet “Matcha Kinako Azuki Cheese Tart” which will be on sale from March 9 (Wed) to May 14 (Sat), 2022 at all Bake Cheese Tart stores in Japan and other locations.

Limited time only “Matcha Kinako Azuki Cheese Tart” (Green Tea Kinako Azuki Cheese Tart)

The “Matcha Kinako Azuki Cheese Tart” is a Japanese sweet made by baking a “twice-baked” cookie dough, topping it with matcha cheese mousse filled with red bean paste and topped with Hokkaido dainagon azuki beans and kinako (soybean flour).

The matcha cheese mousse is made from “First Bitter” Uji matcha, blended exclusively for the Bake Cheese Tart by tea master Yutaka Kobayashi of Shogamaen, which handles all aspects of tea production and sales. The rich aroma of Uji matcha is combined with cream cheese and mascarpone cheese to create a mild and refreshing taste. It is also an excellent partner for Japanese tea. Would love to enjoy it with sencha, hojicha, genmaicha, etc.!


Bake Cheese Tart “Green Tea Kinako Azuki Cheese Tart

【Sales Period】 Mar. 9 (Wed) – May 14 (Sat), 2022
*Available at Bake the Shop from Wednesday, June 1 through Thursday, June 30.
*Sales will end as soon as they run out.
【Price】 320 yen
【Store】 All Bake Cheese Tart stores in Japan, Bake Cheese Tart Plus Ringo Lazona Kawasaki, Bake the Shop Jiyugaoka and Shinsaibashi
【Store in Osaka】 Bake the shop Shinsaibashi (Bake the cheese tart is only available in Kyoto and Hyogo Prefecture)

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