Baskin-Robbins has a special Christmas ice cream on sale now!


Baskin-Robin will release Sanrio Cinnamoroll ice creams and sundaes under the title “Cinnamoroll’s Happy Christmas” for a limited time only from Wednesday, December 1, 2021 to Saturday, December 25, 2021.

Sanrio “Cinnamoroll” Christmas Ice Cream and Sundae

Baskin-Robin’s popular menu is now available in a limited edition with a Sanrio Cinnamoroll design. Delicious to eat and fun to look at, these cute sweets will be available only this winter.

The centerpiece is “Cinnamoroll’s Christmas Sundae,” which features Cinnamoroll wearing a Santa hat. The sundae is filled with whipped cream and topped with sparkling blue silver foil sugar, inspired by the “clouds in the sky” where Cinamoroll was born. Cinnamoroll’s friend, Miruku, has been turned into chocolate and decorated with yellow star-shaped chocolate.

You can choose from two flavors of ice cream inside, so you can order your own original sundae.

The “Double Cup,” which allows you to choose two kinds of ice cream, also has a Cinamoroll design. The “Double Cup,” which allows you to choose two ice creams of your choice, also has a Cinamoroll design on the clear cup.

In addition, “Cinamoroll’s Nicely Smiling Sundae,” which looks like a cute Cinamoroll wearing a Santa hat turned into a “sundae,” is also available. The ice cream is decorated with whipped cream, colored sprays, and chocolate Santa hats.

Cinnamoroll’s Nicely Smiling Sundae, 500 yen


Baskin-Robin “Happy Christmas with Cinnamoroll

【Sales Period】 Dec. 1 (Wed) – 25 (Sat), 2021 *Sales will end as soon as they run out
【Store】 Baskin-Robin nationwide