Baskin Robbins is now offering ice cream with a motif of Pikachu from “Pokemon”.


Baskin Robbins is now offering ice cream featuring Pikachu from Pokémon, available for a limited time only from July 20, 2021 (Tuesday).

Ice cream topped with “Pikachu”-shaped sweets

Thirty-One Ice Cream is offering limited-time ice cream and ice cream cakes with a Pokémon motif. The “Pikachu Happy Party” is based on the first ever Thirty-One flavor with lactic acid bacteria. The flavor is a refreshing combination of yogurt flavored ice cream and apple sorbet, and is topped with a yellow Pikachu-shaped confection.

“Triple Soda: Pikachu and Me” is a flavor that was popular again in 2020. It is a colorful sorbet that offers three kinds of soda at once: cola, soda, and melon soda, and is decorated with Pikachu-shaped sweets.

“A Surprise Ice Cream Cake Overflowing with Pikachu

The new “Pokémon” ice cream cake, “Pokémon Surprise Cake,” is also noteworthy. You can enjoy the “surprise” of Pikachu-shaped sweets overflowing out of an ice cream cake shaped like a monster ball. The ice cream flavors are a combination of three classic flavors: strawberry, chopped chocolate, and vanilla.

“Pocchama” Double Pack and Monster Ball Shaped Cup

There are also many other “Pokémon” designed ice cream items on the menu. These include the “Pokémon Double Pack,” which includes two ice creams of your choice in a Pikachu- or Pokchama-designed pack, and the “Pokémon Ice Cream Master Set,” which includes six ice creams in a colorful cup resembling a monster ball.


Baskin Robbins “31 Poke Summer! Campaign”

【Sales Period】 Jul 20 (Tue), – Aug 31 (Tue), 2021
【Store】 Baskin Robbins Nationwide