Beer Garden in OSAKA, 2019

It has become a pleasant season to drink outside! Beer garden in Osaka, which has been launched one after another from April. Tthere are only a wide variety of beer gardens, including camp x America, Japanese food, and barbecue in this year too. You may go to all beer gardens if you can’t decide which one you wanna go.

[Osaka / Hankyu Umeda]
Hankyu Terminal Building Rooftop

It is an unlimited beer garden where 80,000 people visit every year. Impact outstanding dishes with the theme “Camp x America” ​​are lined up.

【Period】Apr. 27 – Sep. 23
【Price】4,300 yen
【Official Website】HERE

[Osaka / Chayamachi]
Osaka Institute of Technology
Umeda Campus 1F

The open terrace seating in the middle of Umeda, you can enjoy all-you-can-eat sommelier carefully selected rose sparkling wine, seafood and beef steak.

【Period】Apr. 26 – End of Sep.
【Price】3,980 yen~
【Official Website】 HERE

[Osaka / Nakanoshima]
ANA Crown Plaza Hotel Osaka 5F

It can be enjoyed as an urban resort and you can rest assuredly even on rainy days. A variety of dishes from around the world that can be enjoyed in the live kitchen await you.

【Period】May 17 – Sep. 19
【Price】6,000 yen
【Official Website】 HERE

[Osaka / Nakanoshima]
R at Nakanoshima Park
Inside of rose garden

You can enjoy liquor and main dish BBQ with hand-made drinks while blowing a pleasant breeze along Dojima River flowing through the city center.

【Period】May 17 – Dec. 25
【Price】4,000 yen~
【Official Website】 HERE

[Osaka / Nakanoshima]
Garb week at Nakanoshima Park

It is possible to have a BBQ at home or in the evening. Sirloin and oversized shurasko have excellent impact. Let’s eat and drink meat.

【Period】Regular Service
【Price】6,000 yen~
【Official Website】 HERE

[Osaka / Dojima]
Suntory Headquarters Building Rooftop

Popular with office workers. Not to mention premium malts, there are plenty of meat dishes with plenty of Genghis Khan and stamina.

【Period】May 8 – Sep. 14
【Price】4,000 yen~
【Official Website】 HERE

[Osaka / Tenmabashi]
Panante Keihan Tenmabashi 1F

You can enjoy all-you-can-eat Angus beef roast beef and chicken grill while cooling off on the riverside terrace.

【Period】May 1 – Sep. 30
【Price】3,980 yen
【Official Website】 HERE

[Osaka / Osaka Castle]
Hotel New Otani OSAKA

A new target targeting men. All-you-can-drink drinks made by the bartender along with table tennis and darts at the poolside overlooking Osaka Castle.

【Period】May 10 – Jul. 7
【Price】2,800 yen~
【Official Website】 HERE

[Osaka / USJ]
Hotel Universal Port 2F

It is an indoor beer garden where shows with unique performances are held every Monday and Tuesday. More than 50 varieties of drinks are also available.

【Period】May 31 – Sep. 7
【Price】4,800 yen
【Official Website】 HERE

[Osaka / Moriguchi]
Hotel Agora Osaka, Moriguchi 6F

Chefs can bake in front of you, such as thick beef and fragrant roast pork. Also, there is a service that macho serves you popcorn.

【Period】May 10 – Sep. 28
【Price】4,800 yen
【Official Website】 HERE

[Osaka / Nanko]
Hyatt Regency Osaka, Rooftop

You can enjoy the resort feeling with the theme of popular Hawaii. A variety of authentic recipes and tropical cocktails.

【Period】Jul. 1- Sep. 23
【Price】7,200 yen
【Official Website】 HERE

[Osaka / Honmachi]
St. Regis Hotel Osaka

All you can drink beer and champagne, you can enjoy luxury. There are also great beef dishes to suit the beers of the Italian chef.

【Period】Apr. 26 – Sep. 30
【Price】8,000 yen
【Official Website】 HERE

[Osaka / Namba]
Hotel Ichiei, Rooftop

It is a night market roof beer garden where you can enjoy over 20 kinds of Taiwanese gourmet such as xiaolongbao. The popular Chego chicken will also appear.

【Period】Apr. 26 – Sep. 30
【Price】3,500 yen
【Official Website】 HERE

[Osaka / Namba]
Namba Parks 7F

In addition to typical Mexican dishes such as tacos and nachos, you can also eat unusual menus such as pickled cactus.

【Period】Apr. 25 – Sep. 1
【Price】2,980 yen~
【Official Website】 HERE

[Osaka / Minami Horie]
Restaurant cafe, MOULIN

On open terrace seating overlooking the Dotonbori River, you can enjoy beef, pork spare ribs, scallops and more at BBQ.

【Price】4,500 yen~
【Official Website】 HERE

[Osaka / Namba]
Namba Parks Rooftop, Chelsea

All-you-can-eat thick roast beef, pasta, and grilled pizza are on the top floor where you can overlook the night view. Detox cocktails are also available.

【Period】Apri.25 – End of Sep.
【Price】3,480 yen~
【Official Website】 HERE

[Osaka / Tennoji]
Harukas 300 58F Heavenly garden

At Abeno Harukas, which boasts the highest height in Japan, a BBQ course featuring five types of meat while enjoying a superb view from 300 meters above the ground appears.

【Period】Apr. 27 – Oct. 27
【Price】5,800 yen
【Official Website】 HERE

[Osaka / Tennoji]
Robert at Tenshiba

It is one of the largest BBQ parks in the area adjacent to Tenshiba. Of course, you can enjoy fresh meats, raw ham trees and soaring mountains.

【Period】Apr. 30 – Oct. 9
【Price】4,000 yen~
【Official Website】 HERE

[Osaka / Sakai]
Hotel Agora Osaka, Sakai 3F

At BBQ, you can enjoy beef sirloin, pork, chicken confit, frankfurt, vegetables and more on a charcoal stove.

【Period】Apr. 27 – May 6
【Period】May 7 – May 25
(Every Tuesday to Saturday)
【Price】6,000 yen~
【Official Website】 HERE