Berry Ruby Cut” of jewelry sweets is now open at Hankyu Umeda for a limited time!


“Very Ruby Cut”, a jewelry sweet store, opened a limited time store at Hankyu Umeda Flagship Store until August 31, 2022 (Wednesday).

Very Ruby Cut 8 pieces 1,620 yen

“Very Ruby Cut, a “jewel-like” sweet, is now in Osaka

The first “Very Ruby Cut” store just opened in December 2021, and is a new brand by Grape Stone, which operates “Silver Grape” and “Nenrin-ya” stores. It proposes a variety of sweets with a jewel motif, such as its signature bonbon chocolat “Beryl Ruby Cut,” fresh rare cheese cake, and various petit gâteaux.

Bonbon chocolates “Very Ruby Cut” with a “crispy and melt-in-your-mouth” texture

The highlight of Hankyu Umeda’s limited-time store is the “Berry Ruby Cut,” a colorful jewel bonbon chocolate with a base of crispy baked cookies. When gently nibbled, the confiture of fruits and berries, along with the secret ingredient of whipped chocolate, melts and overflows, making this an exquisite item.

There are six flavors in total. The gorgeous red ruby “Raspberry” is the first, followed by the pretty pink ruby “Strawberry,” the noble green emerald “Pistachio,” the refreshing yellow topaz “Apple,” the mysterious blue turquoise “Cassis Blueberry,” and the invigorating orange sapphire “Orange Lemon. Preparation.

Strawberry sandwich with chocolate and cream “sticking out”

The new “Strawberry Chocolat Sandwich Ruby Colors” will also be available at the limited-time store. It is a chocolatey sandwich with a rich aroma of strawberries, made with a crunchy cookie and a grand-sized berry chocolate and overflowing cream “sticking out” from the cookie.

Strawberry Chocolat Sandwich Ruby Colors: 648 yen for 3 pieces, 1,296 yen for 6 pieces, 1,944 yen for 9 pieces


Very Ruby Cut Limited time store

【Store Period】 May 11 (Wed) – August 31 (Wed), 2022
【Location】 Hankyu Umeda Main Store, B1F, Western confectionery
【Address】 8-7 Kakudacho, Kita-ku, Osaka City, Osaka