Bicerin Hankyu Umeda now holding “Strawberry Fair” with seasonal strawberries!


The “Strawberry Fair” using bright red seasonal strawberries is now being held at the “Bicerin” Hankyu Umeda store from December 26 (Sun.) to January 19 (Wed.), 2022. It will end soon, so hurry up if you are interested!

Duck confit” with strawberries and more!

This year’s “Strawberry Fair” features food, sweets, and drinks typical of Bicerin.

The “Duck confit with balsamic and strawberry sauce” (1,925 yen, tax included) is a confit of duck, which is in season this time of year, with the Italian vegetable carboronero, known as black cabbage in Japan, and potatoes flavored with rosemary as the contorno.

The sweetness of the fat in the duck is perfectly matched with the sweet and sour strawberry and balsamic sauce. Duck is also called “beauty meat” because of its high nutritional value.

The “Bocciolo” (990 yen, tax included) is a crispy cookie dough base, a pistachio mousse, and a white wine-based jelly with pomegranate sprinkled inside.

The “Fresh Strawberry Rossini” (1,320 yen, including tax) is a strawberry compote wrapped in a chewy crepe dough, and is recommended to be enjoyed with a sweet and warm crepe and a slightly sour yogurt gelato.

A cocktail with a gorgeous appearance and refreshing aroma

In addition, a cocktail using whole strawberries with a fresh sour taste and spumante is a drink with a gorgeous appearance and a refreshing aroma.

Enjoy Bicerin’s unique strawberry menu at the limited time “Strawberry Fair”!


Strawberry Fair at Bicerin Hankyu Umeda

【Sales Period】 Dec. 26 (Sun), 2021 – Jan 19 (Wed), 2022
【Place】 Bicerin Hankyu Umeda
【Address】 Hankyu Umeda Main Store 4F, 8-7, Kakuta-cho, Kita-ku, Osaka City, Osaka