Book Now! Have a happy time wearing a yukata and enjoying an elegant meal! And you can take your yukata home!

Hotel Gajoen Tokyo will hold a “Yukata Plan” that includes a set of yukata dressing and meals from June 12 (Mon) to September 30 (Sat), 2023.

Enjoy afternoon tea and art in your favorite yukata

The “Yukata Plan” is the annual summer plan of Hotel Gajoen Tokyo, where you can wear your favorite yukata and have a meal at the on-site restaurant. We will provide a special opportunity to enjoy new ways to enjoy yukata, not just summer festivals and fireworks displays.

About 250 types of yukata that can be taken home

There are about 250 types of yukata for women and about 100 types for men, with a wide variety of designs, as well as obi, clogs, and purses. Dressing is done by experienced staff, so even beginners of yukata can enjoy it with peace of mind. You can also take home the yukata, obi, and geta that you wore.

Choose from afternoon tea, lunch or dinner

You can choose your favorite meal from afternoon tea, lunch, and dinner. For lunch and dinner, you can choose Japanese or Chinese cuisine according to your taste, and you can enjoy the authentic and high-quality taste of each dish.

Garden walks and photography

In addition, it is also a point that there is a preferential treatment that allows you to enter the special exhibition of the Tokyo designated tangible cultural property “Hyakudandan” at half price. In addition, it is a special plan where you can experience Japanese culture, food, and art all at once, such as taking a walk in a tasteful space such as a Japanese garden and a waterfall, and enjoying photography with the art that colors the hotel.



【Period】 Monday, June 12, 2023 to Saturday, September 30, 2023
【Place】 Hotel Gajoen Tokyo
【Address】 1-8-1 Shimomeguro, Meguro-ku, Tokyo
【Contents】 Meal, yukata set, dressing, Tokyo-designated tangible cultural property “Hyakudan Kaidan” Special Exhibition Coupon (50% off general price) *Yukata can be taken home.
【Reservation & Official Website】

[Plan & Price]
・Lunch Japanese restaurant “Watafutei”, Chinese restaurant “Shunyuki”, RISTORANTE “CANOVIANO”, New American Grill “KANADE TERRACE”
・ Afternoon tea Cafe & Bar “Yuan”
・Dinner: Japanese restaurant “Watafutei”, Chinese restaurant “Shunyuki”, RISTORANTE “CANOVIANO”, New American Grill “KANADE TERRACE”, Cafe & Bar “Yuan”
【Hour】 Lunch / afternoon tea 10:00, 10:30, 11:00, 11:30, 12:00, 12:30
*12:00, 12:30, 15:30, 17:30 only from July 1st (Sat) to September 24th (Sun).
*Reception will be held at New American Grill “KANADE TERRACE” regardless of the store used.
・Lunch/Afternoon Tea Adults 15,000yen~, Children (2-12 years old) 12,000yen
・Dinner Adult 15,000yen~, Child (2-12 years old) 12,000yen
*All service charges are included.

■ Option
① Kitsune Mask & Tokyo Designated Tangible Cultural Property “Hyakudandan” special exhibition admission ticket (50% off general price)
【Period】 Saturday, July 1st to Sunday, September 24th
【Hour】 11:00-18:00 (Last admission 17:30)
【Price】 1,600 yen
・Yukata upgrade 2,000 yen
・ Hair and makeup (women’s hair set 8,800 yen, full makeup 11,000 yen, hair and makeup 17,600 yen)
・Accessories (Obi clip 2,500 yen, dressing correction towel 300 yen, one-piece underwear 2,000 yen)
・ Photo shoot 1 pose 5,500 yen ~
*Hair makeup and photography must be booked at least one week in advance.

② Kimono dressing class yukata plan *women only 18,300 yen ~
【Date】 June 15 (Thursday), June 22 (Thursday), June 29 (Thursday)
【Hour】 10:00 meeting, 10:45 dressing class, 12:00 lunch
【Content】 Yukata set, dressing class by professional instructor, lunch
【Restaurant】 Japanese restaurant “Watafutei”, Chinese restaurant “Shunyuki”, RISTORANTE “CANOVIANO”, New American Grill “KANADE TERRACE”, Cafe & Bar “Yuan”

【Reservation & Inquiry】 050-3188-7570