Butter Butler, a store specializing in butter sweets, opens a store in Hankyu Umeda Flagship Store for a limited time.

Butter Butler, a store specializing in butter sweets, is currently opening a limited-time store at Hankyu Umeda Flagship Store from June 20 (Mon.) to June 28 (Tue.), 2022.

Butter Butler, a store specializing in butter sweets

Butter Butler” specializes in butter sweets made with butter selected from all over the world. The shop proposes a variety of sweets that make full use of butter to bring out its richness and aroma, create a crispy texture, and put butter, which usually plays a supporting role in the deliciousness of western sweets, in the leading role.

“Butter Caramel Pot” 2,592 yen per piece

Butler’s Grove” limited to the Hankyu Umeda flagship store

The featured menu item is the “Butler’s Groffe,” which will be available only at the Hankyu Umeda flagship store. Baked dough mixed with dried fruits such as oranges, raisins, and cherries soaked in rum is dipped in maple syrup, glazed, and topped with pistachios. Spices such as cinnamon and nutmeg are used to enhance the richness of the butter. This product is sold in three separate demonstrations, so it is always freshly made and ready to be tasted.

“Butler’s croffuff” 675 yen per piece
Sales hours: (1) 10:00 – (2) 1:00 – (3) 4:00 – (4) 5:00 – (5) 10:00 – (6) 10:00 – (7) 10:00 – (8) 10:00
Limited quantities available each time.
Selling hours are subject to change depending on the situation.
Limited to the Hankyu Umeda main store

Variety of butter sweets

Other items on the menu include the “Butler Roll,” a butter cream made with mild Hokkaido butter and Hokkaido cheese and wrapped in a moist, resinous fabric; the “Tea and Butter Financier,” made with European fermented butter and Earl Grey tea leaves kneaded into the dough; and the “Butter Caramel Pot,” a tart dough bowl with a buttery filling, custard cream, bitter caramel sauce, and mascarpone cream, all poured in three layers. The “Butter Caramel Pot” is made by pouring three layers of custard cream, bitter caramel sauce, and mascarpone cream into a tart dough bowl.


Butter Butler Hankyu Umeda

【Store Period】 June 20 (Mon) – 28 (Tue), 2022
【Address】 B1F Tree Terrace, Hankyu Umeda Honten, 8-7 Kakuda, Kita-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka
【Hour】 10:00 – 20:00 *Hours of operation are subject to change.
【Online Store】 https://sucreyshopping.jp/ic/butterbutler