Buzz Lightyear, Zerg, Woody, Alien and other characters from the world of “Toy Story” will be available as petite cakes!


On May 27 (Fri.), 2022, the petit cake assortment ” Toy Story Collection (9 pieces)” will go on sale at Ginza Cosy Corner and fresh cake stores nationwide. In conjunction with the release, reservations will be accepted in-store from Friday, May 13, and online from Monday, May 23.

Toy Story Collection 2,500 yen

Assortment of 9 types of petit cakes in a limited design box

Toy Story” is gaining momentum with the release of the fan-anticipated “Buzz Lightyear” movie in Japan this summer.
Following the success of the “Pixar Collection” sold last April, Ginza KOJI CORNER will release an assortment of 9 types of petit cakes designed with the popular characters and world view of “Toy Story”.
The limited edition box designs featuring the characters are so cute that you will want to collect them!


Toy Story Collection (9 pieces)

■ Now accepting reservations in-store and online!
【In-store reservation】 May 13 (Fri.) – closing date varies by store
【Online reservation】 May 23 (Mon), 10:00 – June 18 (Sat), 23:59
*Reservations will be closed when the maximum number of units produced is reached.
*To make reservations online, please visit the official Ginza Cosy Corner website at “Online Reservations for Pickup at Stores”
*Limited stores are available to pick up items reserved online.

【Sales Period】 May 27 (Fri) – June 23 (Thu), 2022
【Price】 2,500 yen (2,700 yen including tax)
【Store】 Ginza Cozy Corner nationwide