Cafe comme ca is holding a melon fair! A limited number of cakes with melon as the main ingredient will be on sale.


Cafe comme ca will hold a “Melon Fair” from June 3 (Thu.) to July 7 (Wed.), 2021. They will be selling cakes with melons carefully selected from all over Japan as the main ingredient.

Japan’s best “Shizuoka muskmelon” cake

The “Melon Fair” features cakes with fresh melons as the main ingredient. The pastry chefs at Cafe Comsa have created a gorgeous cake that is sure to impress.

The cake is made with muskmelon from Shizuoka Prefecture, which is said to be the best melon in the world, and the top of the cake is decorated with a large piece of muskmelon. The cake is filled with a rich custard cream that complements the fresh melon flavor.

Luxuriously topped with high-grade “Niyodo Blue”.

A cake using the “Niyodo Blue” muskmelon produced in Tosa City, Kochi Prefecture is also available. The “Niyodo Blue” is a premium variety grown using water from the Niyodo River, the clearest river in Japan. It is cut into large pieces so that you can fully enjoy the flavor of the ingredients, and decorated with a fromage blanc base.

Niyodo Blue Cake from Tosa City, Kochi Prefecture 1,300 yen (tax included) / 1 piece

The orange “Lennon Melon” is a mille crepe.

The orange melon “Lennon Melon” is decorated on a mille crepe. The combination of the clean sweetness of the fruit and the coconut cream is exquisite.

Lennon Melon” Mille Crepes 980 yen (tax included) per piece


Cafe Comsa “Melon Fair”

【Sales Period】 Jun 3 (Thu) – Jul 7 (Wed), 2021
【Store】 Cafe comme ca Nationwide
【Store in Osaka】 Keihan City Mall Store, Moriguchi Keihan City Mall
*Open weekdays only until June 20.