Cafe comme ca is offering chestnut cake for a limited time only!


The “Yamae Chestnut Cake” from afe comme ca will be available for a limited time only from October 2 (Sat.), 2021 to mid-November.

Plenty of large, sweet “Yamae chestnuts”.

Cafe Comsa’s “Yamae Chestnut Cake” is a new cake featuring a variety of “Yamae chestnuts,” which are known for their deep sweetness. The “Yamae chestnuts” grown in the Kuma Basin in Kumamoto Prefecture, where fertile and healthy soil is cultivated, are about two times larger than ordinary chestnuts. They have a high sugar content and are so delicious that they were once presented to the Imperial Family.

Combination of Japanese chestnut Mont Blanc cream and mascarpone

The “Yamae Chestnut Cake” made in Yamae Village, Kumamoto Prefecture, is made with Yamae chestnuts simmered in astringent skin. In order to make the most of the taste of the “Yamae chestnuts,” each cake is carefully boiled down one by one at each store. The cake is filled with Japanese chestnut Mont Blanc cream and a mascarpone base.


Cake with “Yamae Chestnuts” from Yamae Village, Kumamoto Prefecture

【Sales Period】 Oct 2 (Sat) – Mid-November
【Price】 1,300 yen / piece
【Store】 Cafe comme ca nationwide
【Store in Osaka】 Abeno Kintetsu Store, Tenmabashi Keihan City Mall, Moriguchi Keihan Store