Cafe comme ca’s “Kiwi” store limited edition cake will be available for two days only!


Cafe comme ca will release a kiwi store-exclusive cake in honor of “Kiwi Day” on Tuesday, August 31, 2021 and Wednesday, September 1, 2021 only.

“The limited-edition cakes for “Kiwi Day” (September 1st) were created by the patissiers of all 27 Cafe Comsa stores.

In Kansai, “Two kinds of kiwi and apple carbonated jelly cake” (top left photo) will be available at the Moriguchi Keihan store, “Two kinds of kiwi and lemon cream cake” (top right photo) at the Keihan City Mall store, and “Kiwi and coconut white chocolate mousse cake” (bottom right photo) with star motif decoration at the Abeno Kintetsu store.



Cafe comme ca “Kiwi Day” limited edition cake

【Sales Date】 Aug 31 (Tue) & Sep 1 (Wed), 2021
【Store】 All store of Cafe comme ca
【Store in Osaka】 Abeno Kintetsu Store, Tenmabashi Keihan City Mall, Moriguchi Keihan Store