Cafe comme ca’s small watermelon “Hitorijime 7” shortcake is on sale today only!


Cafe comme ca will release “Hitorijime 7” watermelon shortcake from Wakayama Prefecture on June 22 (Wed.), 2022.

Luxurious use of small watermelon “Hitorijime 7”

Cafe comme ca has designated the 22nd of each month as “Shortcake Day” and is offering a special shortcake, and in June will sell a shortcake filled with “Hitorijime7,” a small watermelon produced in Wakayama Prefecture.

The “Hitorijime7” is a fruit from Wakayama Prefecture, one of the largest producers of small watermelons in western Japan. It is characterized by its thin skin, rich sweetness, and crunchy texture. The “Hitorijime7” shortcake is beautifully decorated with fresh and juicy “Hitorijime7” watermelons and a refreshing lemon custard cream.

Wakayama small watermelon “Hitorijime7” shortcake 1,100 yen/1 piece


Wakayama small watermelon “Hitorijime7” shortcake 1,100 yen/1 piece

【Release Date】 June 22 (Wed), 2022
【Store】 Cafe comme ca nationwide
【Store in Osaka】 Abeno Kintetsu Store, Moriguchi Keihan Store, Tenmabashi Keihan City Mall
*Prices and designs are different at the Ginza store.
*Prices and designs are subject to change depending on the availability of fruit.