Cafe Largo, where you can enjoy a “Closing parfait,” has opened at Hankyu Umeda Main Store!


In fact, a new branch of the popular “Parfeteria Largo,” “Cafe Largo,” was secretly opened on the 9th floor of the Hankyu Umeda Main Store in Osaka on Wednesday, June 16, 2021, during the declared state of emergency!

“Cafe Largo, where you can enjoy a “Closing parfait.”

Parfeteria Largo, located in Dohyamacho, Kita-ku, Osaka City, is a popular parfait store where you can enjoy “Sime Parfait,” a parfait served after a meal or drink. The new store, “Cafe Largo,” will offer a wide variety of menu items, from seasonal parfaits using lavish seasonal ingredients to a lunch menu that is not available at “Parfeteria Largo.

Parfait with a “shortcake” image

Of particular note is the “Strawberry and Pistachio Fregé Style” parfait, which has a retro and cute appearance reminiscent of shortcake. The bright red strawberries are the centerpiece, combined with pistachio mousse and fresh cream to create a gorgeous taste.

Strawberry and pistachio fregé style 1,650 yen

“Chocolat au Chocolat” with chocolate and salted caramel

Don’t miss the “Chocolat au Chocolat,” a parfait whose flavor changes as you eat. Fresh raspberries, rich chocolate mousse, sweet and sour salted caramel, and homemade orange compote are layered on top of each other.

“Ogura toast” with plenty of azuki beans

The coffee menu features “Ogura Toast,” a fluffy Danish bread sandwich with azuki beans from Hokkaido. The toast is topped with a generous amount of azuki beans, deep-flavored green tea sauce, and rich vanilla ice cream, so you can enjoy it like a dessert.

Ogura toast: 900 yen

“The fluffy texture of an egg” sandwich

In addition, they also offer an “egg sandwich” with a fluffy, thick-textured egg sandwiched with soup stock. For drinks, about 60 types of drinks are available, including specialty coffees, teas, and “strawberry and berry sodas” with fresh fruits.

Eggs sandwich 550 yen


“Cafe Largo.”

【Opening Date】 Jun 16 (Wed), 2021
【Place】 Hankyu Umeda Main Store 9F
【Address】 8-7, Kakuta-cho, Kita-ku, Osaka City, Osaka