Calling all Matcha lovers! Heartbleed Antiques is collaborating with Gion Tsujiri to bring you chocolate rings this month only!


Bakery store “Heart Bread ANTIQUE” and Uji green tea specialty store “Gion Tsujiri” have collaborated! The “Meccha O-matcha Choco Ring” will be available for a limited time only from May 1 (Sat) to 31 (Mon).

There are also a number of new matcha products that are perfect for the fresh green season!

Metcha Omatcha Chocoring

Metcha Omatcha Chocoring” (874 yen per piece, tax included) is a chocoring made with matcha green tea from Gion Tsujiri, an Uji tea specialty store, and accented with yuzu peel. White chocolate and azuki beans are wrapped inside, baked, and topped with a richly flavored matcha brownie.

Only matcha from “Gion Tsujiri” can make the taste of matcha stand out without overpowering the ingredients! Enjoy the rich aroma and flavor of matcha.

Matcha Flavored Sweets and Breads to Feel the Fresh Greenery

Zeppelin! Croissant

Zepping! Croissant” now has a May-only green tea flavor! The “Zeppin! Croissant ~Matcha~” 1 piece/129 yen (tax included) is made with green tea kneaded into the dough and French fermented butter to create a croissant with a rich green tea flavor.

Crispy on the outside and moist on the inside. Enjoy this limited time flavor with the feeling of fresh greenery.


Cheese in BaumIn addition to the “Cheese in Baum” that was reissued in February, the long-awaited green tea flavor will be available for a limited time only from May 1 (Sat) to June 30 (Wed).

The “Cheese in Baum – Matcha” is a crispy, fluffy matcha-flavored baum filled with smooth matcha cheese cream for 378 yen per piece (tax included). You can enjoy it as it is, or warm it up to melt the matcha cheese cream and enjoy a richer taste.


Metcha! Omatcha Chocoring in collaboration with Gion Tsujiri, a Uji green tea specialty store
【Sales Period】 May 1 (Sat) – May 31 (Mon)

Spring Limited Edition Products Using Matcha
【Sales Period】 May 1 (Sat) – Jun 30 (Wed)

【Store】 Bakery store “Heart Bread ANTIQUE” nationwide
【Store in Osaka】 Abeno Q’s Mall Store, AEON MALL Shijonawate, AEON MALL Sakai Teppo-cho, AEON MALL Dainichi, AEON MALL RINKU Sennan
*Please note that business hours may have been changed to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus.