Capsule Toys “I like animals that eat a lot. I want to eat more! is scheduled to appear in early August!

Tomy Arts has released a new capsule toy product called “I like animals that eat a lot (you). I want to eat more! to be released in early August. The price is 200 yen (tax included) per gacha.

This product is a cute capsule toy figure with a combination of animals and sweets. This time, the set includes a paper bag with the image of a stylish cafe, in which the animal figure can be placed. The lineup consists of five types: “Squirrel and Lemon Macaroon,” “Otter and Dusty Taiyaki,” “Prairie Dog and Soy Sauce Crackers,” “Raccoon and Strawberry Roll Cake,” and “White Rabbit and Chocolate Donut. The size of the main body is about 45mm.

White Rabbit and Chocolate Donut
Squirrel and Lemon Macaroon
Sea Otters and Dusty Taiyaki
Prairie Dogs and Soy Sauce Crackers
Raccoon and Strawberry Roll Cake

For you who desperately want…

In fact, you can even buy all kinds of products at the online store.