Cat rescue in Osaka’s deepest spots! “NECOREPA Cat Helping Cultural Festival” will be held in Shinsekai, Osaka on April 16th for the first time in Kansai! There will also be a seminar on cat rescue at the Tennoji Zoo and an event to give away shelter cats!

Neko Republic, a shelter cat café, and NECOREPA, a brand for shelter cats, will hold the first “NECOREPA Cat Help Culture Festival,” a cat festival event by cat lovers, for cats, in Shinsekai, Osaka, on Saturday, April 16, for the first time in Kansai.

*Neko, or Neco =Cat

A full range of contents worthy of being called a cat festival.

The venue will be filled with a variety of contents suitable for a cat festival that will be enjoyed by everyone from children to the elderly. 500 yen or more in voluntary donation is all that is required to enter, and you will also be able to meet shelter cats looking for their forever families.

Open air cat festival

Many fair games will be available for children to enjoy, such as wanyage (ring toss), strak nyat (ball toss), and nyateki (target practice). These games are free of charge for those who donate, and will add to the excitement of the Cat Festival event.

Meet and greet with shelter cats

A meeting to meet shelter cats and have a chance to interact with their cuteness. The event will be held in the Purina Cat Bus and the Cat Tent.
(Venue: Plaza in front of Willows Hotel)

Protected cat transfer event

A transfer event utilizing a cat bus, where shelter cats meet their forever families. Many shelter kittens and adult cats will participate to meet their destined families. Would you like to welcome a protected cat into your family?
(Venue: Willows Hotel, Cat Bus, in the Cat Tent)

Seminar on shelter cats at Tennoji Zoo

The seminar will also be held in collaboration with Tennoji Zoo, a popular spot in Shinsekai. We want more people to know about shelter cats and their killing! Neko Republic Prime Minister Asaka Kawase will hold a seminar on shelter cats.
(Venue: at Tennoji Zoo from 13:00. Admission fee to Tennoji Zoo will be charged separately. Photo is an image at a different venue) The seminar will also be streamed simultaneously worldwide on YouTube.
Tennoji Zoo Event Page :

Cat’s Bus the VR” Experience

Cat Bus the VR” provides a virtual reality experience as if you were inside a cat café.
… Even those allergic to cats can have fun!
(Venue: Willows Hotel)

Protective Cat Cinderella Story Photo Exhibition

They will hold a photo exhibition of happy shelter cats who have met their fated families and graduated from Nekolipa. The exhibition will also showcase the happiness of the shelter cats and comments from their foster parents.
(Venue: Tennoji Zoo MUSEUM and Whillows Hotel Cafe)


Other events include a “Cat Help Workshop” where visitors can enjoy painting beckoning cats and making original cat magnets, and a “Cat Help Salon” where visitors can experience tarot fortune-telling and hand and head massages.

Once you have registered, you can enter as many times as you like, so you can spend the whole day helping cats while you enjoy the festival, such as wandering around the deep Shinsekai district of Osaka and enjoying B-class gourmet food in between, and then playing at the Cat-Saving Cultural Festival again.


NECOREPA Cat Help Cultural Festival

【Event Date】 April 16 (Sat), 2022
【Hour】 12:00 – 17:00
【Admission Fee】 Please make a voluntary donation of 500 yen or more.
【Main Venue】 Whillows Hotel Shinimamiya (2-1-24, Emisuhigashi, Naniwa-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka)
【Seminar Venue】 Tennoji Zoo Museum (1-108 Chausuyama-cho, Tennoji-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka)
*Admission fee applies.

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