Chanel “Find Your Own Mascara” Personalized Service Ends This Month!

CHANEL will hold a personalized mascara service called “EYE EXPRESS YOUR EGO” from November 5 (Fri.) to December 31 (Fri.), 2021 at Hankyu Umeda flagship store. The service is available for a limited time only at the Hankyu Umeda flagship store from Friday, November 5 to Friday, December 31, 2021.

Eyes de Chanel 10 kinds, 6,930 yen each
Eye de Chanel Waterproof 10 kinds, 6,930 yen each

Personalized mascara service to help you find your own mascara

Chanel’s first personalized service that allows customers to design their own mascara has started for a limited time. This unique service allows customers to create a mascara that fits their own eyes and lashes through one-on-one counseling with a beauty advisor at a Chanel store.

The process starts by answering six questions about your desired finish and preferred formula. Based on the diagnostic results of the questions, the beauty advisor will suggest two brushes, and you can actually apply the mascara, compare the two brushes, and decide which one you prefer.

If you wish, you can take photos with the iPhone app before and after the question-based counseling, so you can compare the actual results and choose the best one.

A total of 10 different mascara brushes in a variety of sizes

The mascara brushes are made from 10 different 3D printed brushes newly developed for the “Eye Express Your Ego” service. The shapes can be broadly classified into four types.

Oval type (N°1, 9, 10): A brush with short bristles that separate lashes while adding volume.
Straight type (N°2, 3): A compact brush that is easy to use regardless of the shape of your eyes or the length of your lashes.
Hourglass type (N°4, N°5): A brush with raised ends that catches the lashes at the very end to increase length and volume.
Curved type (N°6, 7, 8): Designed to follow the curve of the eye and catch each lash in a single stroke to increase volume and curl.

Each brush is available in large, medium, or small sizes, so you can select your own personal brush by adjusting the silhouette and size. The mascara itself is a luxurious black mascara with a hairline finish, and comes in a special mascara case with a mirror.

The mascara comes only in black, and in addition to the regular type, there is also a waterproof version.


Chanel “Eye Express Your Ego”.

【Event Period】 Nov. 5 (Fri) – Dec. 31 (Fri), 2021
【Place】 Hankyu Umeda Main Store 3F
【Address】 8-7, Kakuta-cho, Kita-ku, Osaka City, Osaka
【Line up】
・Eyes de Chanel, 10 kinds, 6,930 yen each
・Eyes de Chanel Waterproof 10 kinds, 6,930 yen each