Cheap, tasty, and pretty, the second Strawberry Fair is starting at IKEA!


IKEA will hold its second “Strawberry Fair” from Thursday, March 10, 2022 to Sunday, April 24, 2022.

Strawberry sweets gather at IKEA

The second “Strawberry Fair,” which follows the first fair, features an array of strawberry sweets that bring out the feeling of spring. The lineup includes pancakes, cream puffs, parfaits, afternoon tea sets, and other sweets that are pleasing to the eye.

Strawberry pancake with bear’s midriff

The “Black Strawberry Pancake with Bear and Honey” is a black-colored pancake with an adorable bear in the middle. It is topped with plenty of strawberries and honey and served with whipped cream. The “Kuma no Azuki Strawberry Sundae,” a soft-serve ice cream sundae decorated with a bear’s monaka, also has a charming finish.

Black strawberry pancakes with bear and honey ¥700 *IKEA Family price ¥500

Strawberry parfait with donuts and afternoon tea sets are also available.

Other offerings include the “Whole Donut Strawberry Parfait,” a parfait with strawberry milk jelly, whipped cream, and fresh strawberries, topped with a bold chocolate donut, and the “Strawberry Cream Puff,” a pink puff pastry topped with custard cream, whipped cream, and strawberries.

The “Afternoon Tea Set” includes three types of desserts at once: Daifuku with strawberry, cheese tart with berry sauce, and strawberry mousse. It can be enjoyed with coffee or tea from the drink bar.


IKEA “Strawberry Fair” Vol. 2

【Sales Period】 Mar. 10 (Thu) – Apr. 24 (Sun), 2022
【Store】 IKEA nationwide
【Store in Osaka】 IKEA Tsuruhama (2 Chome-24-55 Tsurumachi, Taisho Ward, Osaka)

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