Cheese lovers rejoice! New “We Love Cheeeeeese!” fair, featuring cheese-burg only available this time of year, starts April 13!


BIKKURI DONKEY Hamburger Restaurant will hold “We Love Cheese!” Fair from April 13th (Wed) to May 31st (Tue), 2022.

“We Love Cheeeese!” Fair

In addition to the standard cheese-burg dishes, the “We Love Cheese!” fair will feature four new cheese menu items.
The “Melty Cheeseburger Dish” is a cheese-burg dish topped with a rich yellow cheese sauce, and the “Cheese in Burger Dish” is a hamburger stuffed with two kinds of cheese and tomatoes and topped with a demi-glace sauce. Two side dishes will be available: “Yellow Cheese Sauce Potatoes” with french fries topped with yellow cheese sauce, and “Broccoli Cheese Boxed Rice” with a marriage of melted cheese and broccoli.

Melty Cheese-burg Dish

The classic cheese-burg dish is topped with a rich yellow cheese sauce, allowing you to taste the flavor and aroma of cheese to your heart’s content. The exciting look and rich flavor of the hamburger covered in a rich yellow cheese sauce whets the appetite. Cheese lovers who want to enjoy rich cheese to its fullest should definitely try this dish.

Cheese-in-burg dish

Cheese-in-a-Burg, an unlikely item on BIKKURI DONKEY’s menu. The hamburger steak covered with demi-glace sauce is filled with two kinds of cheese, shredded cheese (Gouda, Samsø, and Steppen cheese) and red cheddar cheese, and tomatoes. When you break the hamburger with chopsticks, the melted cheese overflows from the inside, and you can enjoy the delicious trinity of cheese, fresh meat and demi-glace sauce.


“We Love Cheeeese!” Fair

【Sales Period】 April 13 (Wed) – May 31 (Tue), 2022
【Store】 BIKKURI DONKEY stores nationwide

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