Chicken noodle soup turned into chocolate flakes? Chicken Ramen Chocolate Flakes will go on sale tomorrow!

Nissin Foods’ “Chicken Ramen” has been transformed into a chocolate snack. Chicken Ramen Chocolate Flakes will go on sale on Monday, January 24, 2022, exclusively at convenience stores nationwide.

A dream collaboration between chicken ramen and chocolate flakes!

Chicken Ramen,” the popular instant ramen of Nissin Foods, and “Chocolate Flake,” the classic chocolate snack of Nissin Sysco, have come together in a dream collaboration. Chicken Ramen Choco Flakes are made by mixing crushed Chicken Ramen with corn flakes and then coating it with a generous amount of chocolate.

The result is a sweet and tasty combination of chocolate and chicken ramen that is both addictive and delicious. In addition, the flakes and chicken ramen have different crunchy textures.


Chicken Ramen Choco Flakes 40g 154 yen

【Release Date】 Jan 24 (Mon), 2022
【Store】 Available only at convenience stores nationwide (excluding some areas).

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