Chocolate Bank’s new “Maritozzo” sandwiched between fresh cream with Amao and banana looks insanely delicious!


CHOCOLATE BANK, an aromatic raw chocolate specialty store operated by MAISON CACAO), has started to sell its new product, “Maritozzo with Cacao Butter,” on Wednesday, March 31, 2021.

Cacao butter Maritozzo

The “Cacao Butter Maritozzo” is a moist, cake-like brioche made mainly with aromatic fermented cocoa butter from Colombia. It comes in three flavors. The chocolate-free but sweet cocoa-scented dough is sandwiched between three different types of fresh cream.

The “Choco Banana” has bananas in the chocolate cream that perfectly matches the sweetness and bitterness of the cream. The lineup also includes “Amaou”, lavishly decorated with the seasonal strawberry “Amaou”, and “White Coffee” with the aroma of slowly brewed coffee.

Period limited!

The Chocolate Bank will have a booth at the Hankyu Bread Fair held at the Hankyu Umeda Main Store from March 31 (Wed) to April 5 (Mon). In addition to “Maritozzo with Cacao Butter,” the store will sell a limited number of “Fondant Croissant” filled with rich and smooth ganache, and “Babka,” a chocolate bread with chocolate containing wasanbon (Japanese Brown Sugar) kneaded into the dough.


Cacao Butter Maritozzo
【Release Date】 Mar 31 (Wed) 2021
【Store】 Chocolate Bank, Hankyu Umeda Main Store
【Flavor】 Chocolate Banana, Amao (Strawberry), White Coffee
【Price】 648 – 702 yen (tax included)

The 10th Hankyu Bread Fair
【Period】 Mar 31 (Wed) – Apr 5 (Mon), 2021
【Place】 Hankyu Umeda Main Store
【Address】 8-7, Kakuta-cho, Kita-ku, Osaka City, Osaka