Choya, famous for their plum wine, will be releasing plum wine bonbon chocolates!

CHOYA’s new chocolates for Valentine’s Day, “CHOYA Bonbon Chocolat 2022”, will go on sale at Kintetsu Department Store, Abeno Harukas Kintetsu Main Store, etc. from January 26 (Wed.), 2022.

Choya’s “Plum Wine” Bonbon Chocolates

In 2021, “CHOYA Bonbon Chocolates,” which sold out on the first day of its launch, will be available again, and in 2022, an assortment of three types of chocolates with a new flavor, “Aged Plum Wine x Praline,” will be available, as well as a box of ganache gelée, which has been available in the past.

CHOYA Bonbon Chocolates 2022″ 2 types set (ganache, jellied) 2,500 yen

Aged plum wine and pralines” will join the lineup in 2022.

The new “Aged Plum Wine x Praline” is a two-layered praline chocolate. The base is a ganache with the aroma of aged plum wine and brandy. Roasted and caramelized hazelnuts and almonds are added to give it a bittersweet aroma and texture.

Two types of chocolates that were also introduced in 2021 are also available. The “Aged Plum Wine x Ganache” is a ganache made with Nanko plum wine. French brandy from the Cognac region is added as a secret ingredient to give it a moderately sour and deep flavor.

On the other hand, the “Fully Ripe Ume x Joule” has two layers: an agar jelly containing more than 50% fully ripe Nanko plum puree, and a ganache made with concentrated aged plum wine. The refreshing acidity of the puree and the deep flavor of the ganache are perfectly matched with the rich couverture chocolate, making this a chocolate for adults.


Limited edition of 2,300 “CHOYA bonbon chocolates 2022” *Sales will end as soon as they are gone.

【Release Date / Store】
Jan. 26 (Wed), 2022
Kintetsu Department Store, Abeno Harukas Kintetsu Main Store (2 sets only), The CHOYA Ginza Bar (3 sets only)

Feb. 1 (Tue) 2022
Official mail-order sales “Chouya-an“, Takashimaya Osaka Store Online (2 types set only)

Feb. 2 (Wed), 2022
Kintetsu Department Store, Uehonmachi Store (2 sets only)

*Choya-an, Kintetsu Department Stores (Abeno Harukas Kintetsu Main Store and Kamihonmachi Store), and Takashimaya Osaka Store are now taking reservations online.

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