Choya has launched a new Shin-Osaka souvenir, which went on sale in Shin-Osaka on April 1!

CHOYA Ume-musubi, a new Osaka souvenir proposed by Choya, will go on sale sequentially from April 1, 2022 (Fri.) at the Gift Kiosk Shin-Osaka in the Shinkansen ticket gates at Shin-Osaka Station and other locations.

CHOYA UMEMUSUBI 1,620 yen / 6 pieces

CHOYA proposes new Osaka souvenir “CHOYA Umemusubi”.

CHOYA Ume Musubi, named after the ume mizuhiki, a lucky charm meaning “bond,” is a modern Japanese confectionery with a modern twist, filled with the charm and care of ume blossoms in a traditional Japanese baked manju bun.

Enjoy the taste of plums, sweet and sour baked manjuu

The dough is filled with a simple, nostalgic flavor, and encased in a white bean paste with the aroma of plums made from Hokkaido otebako beans and a special plum jam with the refreshing sourness and fruitiness of fully ripened Nanko plums. The harmony of the three layers of ume jam, ume white bean paste, and dough makes for a sweet and sour baked bun with a refined ume flavor.

Because the knot is tight and cannot be easily untied, the ume knot has the meaning of a “tightly bound bond”. Why not send a gift to a loved one or a new souvenir when you go back to your hometown, “Osaka Umegami,” which is filled with Choya’s unique attention to ume?


CHOYA Ume-musubi

【Release Date】 Apr. 1 (Fri), 2022
【Price】 3 persons 972yen / 6 persons 1,620yen / 9 persons 2,138yen
On Sale Apr. 1 (Fri) : Gift kiosk Shin-Osaka (Shinkansen concourse inside the Shinkansen ticket gates, across from the Shinkansen South Gate ticket gate)
On Sale Apr 4 (Mon) : Travel SORA (Osaka International Airport North Terminal 2F after security check (boarding area))
On Sale Apr 11 (Fri) : Grand Kiosk Shin-Osaka (concourse inside Shinkansen ticket gates)

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