Christmas Cake at Hyatt Regency Osaka


Christmas cake from Hyatt Regency Osaka. Reservations are now being accepted. The delivery period is from November 22 (Mon.) to December 25 (Sat.).

Three types of cakes to decorate your Christmas

Hyatt Regency Osaka will present three types of Christmas cakes, each of which is an adaptation of a cake that appeared in the afternoon tea “Voyage” held during the year of 2021.

A classic “shortcake” filled with strawberries

The Strawberry Shortcake, decorated with plenty of berries, is an updated version of the Strawberry Voyage held during the spring strawberry season. The cake is made with refreshing low-fat fresh cream and filled with strawberries cut in half for a sweet and sour taste and texture.

Strawberry shortcake: 3,700 yen (12cm)/4,300 yen (15cm)

Rich caramel cheesecake “SAINT HONORE”

For the summer season, Hawaiian Voyage has introduced a rich caramel cheesecake called “SAINT HONORE”. The crunchy pistachio choucré base is combined with caramel cheesecake, and then coated with nut-scented white chocolate. The top puff pastry is filled with mango and pineapple compote and custard. You can also enjoy the tropical taste.

SAINT HONORE 4,300 yen (about 18cm)

Bûche de Noël” with blackcurrant and marron flavor

The essence of the “European Autumn Voyage” held in the autumn season is added to the Christmas classic “Buche de Noel”. The inside consists of seven layers, and you can fully feel the rich harmony of chocolate flavor, nut texture, sweet and sour taste of blackcurrant jellies, and rich marron cream.


Christmas Cake at Hyatt Regency Osaka

【Reservation Period】 Oct 1 (Fri) – Dec 22 (Wed), 2021
【Hands Over Period】 Nov 22 (Mon) – Dec 25 (Sat), 2021
【Sales and Hands Over Location】 Basilico, B1F, 11:30 – 20:00
【Address】 1-13-11, Minaminatokita, Suminoe-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka
【Reservation】 06-6612-1234 or Online