Colorful Vinyl Umbrellas of “Doraemon & Secret Tools” from Wpc.

Wpc. will release a new vinyl umbrella of Sanrio-designed Doraemon “I’m Doraemon” at Wpc. Shinsaibashi Parco, Tokyu Hands, Marui and other stores nationwide.

Doraemon & Secret Tool Vinyl Umbrella

Following on from 2021, a new vinyl umbrella joins Wpc.’s “I’m Doraemon” series. In addition to Doraemon, secret tools such as the Dokodemo Door and Time Machine have been incorporated to complete the pop design. There are two types in the lineup.

Mirai Geometry” with secret tools scattered throughout.

Mirai Geometric” is a colorful geometric pattern in pink, yellow, and blue, with the secret tools you’ve always dreamed of. It has a playful finish with familiar secret gadgets such as the Dokodemo Door, Time Machine, and StreetPass Hoop scattered throughout.

Doraemon with Hopter “Doraemon Face Close-up”.

On the other hand, the “Doraemon Face Close-up” features Doraemon wearing a Hopter as the main character. On the other side, Doraemon’s back is also depicted, creating an adorable design that fans will love. The handle and the stone butt are colored bright yellow to resemble Doraemon’s bell.


Wpc. “I’m Doraemon” new vinyl umbrella

【Release Date】 Feb. 1 (Tue), 2022
【Price】 2,200 yen / each
【Store】 Shinsaibashi Parco Store (Shinsaibashi Parco 5F, 1-8-3 Shinsaibashisuji, Chuo-ku, Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture), Tokyu Hands, Marui, Wpc. official online store, and other stores nationwide

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