Conrad Osaka’s “Travel the World” Strawberry Sweets Buffet – Hawaii is the theme for the second installment


Conrad Osaka will hold the “‘Travel 2 Strawberries’ – Strawberry Sweets Buffet to Travel the World (Hawaii)” from January 13 (Thu) to February 28 (Mon), 2022.

“Travel the World” Strawberry Sweets Buffet in Hawaii for the Second Time

The second edition of the “Travel 2 Strawberries” buffet will focus on Hawaii and Korea, with strawberry sweets inspired by each country to be served every two months. This year’s event will focus on Hawaii and Korea.

Strawberry sweets with a twist on a Hawaiian classic

The theme for January and February is Hawaii. The focus of the sweets is the “Beach Mousse Cake” with a visual reminiscent of the Hawaiian sea. With strawberries as the main ingredient, mango and passion fruit are used to create a tropical taste reminiscent of the tropics.

The Hawaiian Guava Cake, a cake that incorporates the Hawaiian classic guava, features a strawberry flavored sponge. The cake is layered with rich cream cheese frosting and guava jelly for a colorful finish.

Hawaiian banana bread, popular in Hawaii, is also available. The top is decorated with red cream and strawberries to give it a bright red appearance. The chocolate used for the bread is “Inspiration Phrase,” a fruit couverture made from only natural ingredients.

In addition, a variety of strawberry-based Hawaiian sweets will be available, including “POG Mocktail Jelly,” a refreshing jelly made from a popular Hawaiian POG (passion fruit, orange, guava) cocktail, and “Hawaiian Square Cheesecake Strawberry and Coconut,” a coconut cheesecake with strawberry topping. A variety of Hawaiian sweets using strawberries will be available.

Even the savory is Hawaiian!

In addition to sweets, there will be a lineup of about 10 Hawaiian dishes such as seared tuna poke, loco moco, and garlic shrimp.

A Korean-themed strawberry sweets buffet is scheduled to start on March 1 (Tue).


Travel 2 Strawberries” – Strawberry Sweets Buffet to Travel the World (Hawaii)

【Event Period】 Jan 13 (Thu) – Feb. 28 (Mon), 2022 *The theme for Tuesday, March 1 onward is Korea.
【Hour】 (January)14:30~16:30, (February)14:30~16:30 on weekdays, 14:30~16:00/16:30~18:00 on Sat, Sun, Holiday
【Place】 Conrad Osaka Atmos Dining (40F)
【Address】 2-4, Nakanoshima 3-chome, Kita-ku, Osaka City, Osaka
【Price】 Adults: 6,900 yen, Children: 3,450 yen
【Reservation】 Online or Phone (06-6222-0111)