Converse is releasing “Pokemon” design model high-cut sneakers!

CONVERSE will release a “Pokemon” design model, the unisex “ALL STAR LIGHT POKE’MON HI” sneaker, in June 2022.

“All Star Light Pokémon HI” 9,900 yen each

Pokemon design model high-cut sneakers

The Converse “All Star Light” series, which has been attracting attention for its lightweight and easy-wearability, now features a new Pokemon design. The colorful colors of Pikachu, Eevee, Mewtwo, and Lizardon are incorporated into the upper.

On the shoe tongue, in addition to the “ALL★STAR” logo, each Pokémon design is on. On the side, the Pokémon name, zukan number, height, and weight are printed to create an iconic look.

In addition to laces in the same color as the upper, white spare laces are included. It may be fun to change the laces and arrange them according to your mood.


Converse “ALL STAR LIGHT POKE’MON HI” 9,900 yen

【Release Date】 June, 2022
【Color】 Lizard, Pikachu, Eevee, Mewtwo
【Sizing】 22.5~28.0、29.0、30.0cm
【Store】 Online Store
【Information Center】 0120-819-217