Cosmetics goods from the anime “Detective Conan” will be on sale soon!

Cosmetics goods from the anime “Detective Conan” will go on sale at variety stores nationwide from mid-April 2021.

Cosmetic Goods from “Detective Conan

The cosmetic brand “Lovisia” will release lipsticks and eyeshadow palettes based on characters from the popular anime “Detective Conan”.

Lips with motifs of Phantom Thief Kid and Shuichi Akai

The “Detective Conan Lipstick” has a cute design with icons of popular characters such as Conan Edogawa, Phantom Thief Kid and Shuichi Akai imprinted on the top of the lip. The characters are printed on the tip of the lipstick and their costumes on the package. It comes in five colors, including natural pink and scarlet red, with a hint of color. It also contains moisturizing ingredients such as shea butter and hyaluronic acid, making it perfect for preventing dryness.

“Conan & Kid” eyeshadow palette

Also available is the “Detective Conan Eyeshadow” eyeshadow palette, which contains a total of seven colors, including natural colors with large lame and fine pearls. Each eyeshadow is imprinted with the silhouette of Conan Edogawa and his detective badge to give it a cute appearance. There are two palettes to choose from: the “Conan & Kid” palette with gold and brown colors, and the “Akai Family” palette with pink and brown colors.

In addition, pop-design pouches based on Conan Edogawa’s costume will also be available in the store.


Original “Detective Conan” Cosmetics

【Release Date】 Sequential sales from mid-April 2021
【Store】 Variety stores nationwide, Lovizia official store (online store)

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