Craft Gyoza Fest OSAKA 2022 is coming up on May 3!

Craft Gyoza Fest OSAKA 2022″ will be held at Osaka: Osaka Castle Park Taiyo no Hiroba for 6 days from May 3 (Tue., holiday) to May 8 (Sun.), 2022.
How about enjoying gyoza with a beer in hand on consecutive holidays after a long absence?

Cheese & butter are strong! Try the odd three strong first!

The “Fluffy and Throaty Niradama Cheese Gyoza” from [Foam Gyoza FUNHOLiC] is a steamed shrimp dumpling topped with a dollop of niradama cheese, and the fluffy egg with cream and cheese envelopes the dumpling. The “Gyoza Drowned in Butter Cheese with Truffle Oil” from [Gachinko Ramen Road Hiiragi] is a hot, grilled gyoza filled with gravy, topped with plenty of cheese and butter and finished with truffle oil. The “Tokachi Thick Miso Butter Beef Cutlet Gyoza” from [Gyoza and Wine – Skin and Bean Paste], battered and deep-fried dumplings filled with Toyonishi beef from Tokachi, Hokkaido and bean paste made from two kinds of butter and miso, is the one and only deep-fried gyoza created by an Italian chef.

Anyway, a wide variety of dumplings!

They also have “Lemon-scented Panda Gyoza” made of Kyoto pork kneaded with lemon peel and served with mild vinegar, “Shiso Gyoza” sprinkled with plenty of shiso leaves, “Umami Meat Juice Pork Trotter Gyoza” with vinegar and pepper, “Shrimp Steamed Gyoza” with plump shrimp and bamboo shoots, and “Shrimp Steamed Gyoza” with a sweet and spicy taste. We also offer “Koedo Kurobuta Gyoza,” “Delicious Meat Juice Gyoza,” “Bombastic Meat Juice! Saga Beef Gyoza” and “Tokyo Teba Gyoza”. You can also compare popular gyoza dumplings such as “Enshu Hamamatsu Gyoza”, “Utsunomiya Halenohi Gyoza”, “Yaki-shoronpo”, “Hakata Hitokuchi Gyoza”, and “Kyoto Kujo Negi Gyoza with Miso Sauce”, which are perfect with beer, and “Ehara no Crispy Gyoza” from “Gyoza no Ehara”, a hot topic now selling gyoza dumplings without staff. The Osaka venue will also feature a variety of Toyotsu Gyoza. The Osaka venue will offer a rich variety of tastes that cannot be introduced here.


Craft Gyoza Festival OSAKA 2022

【Event Date】 May 3 (Tue, Holiday) – 8 (Sun), 2022
【Hour】 10:00 – 20:00
【Location】 Osaka Castle Park, Plaza of the Sun (Osaka Castle, Chuo-ku, Osaka)
【Fee】 Admission free *Food and beverages not included (meal vouchers and electronic money accepted)
【Official Website】
【Special meal voucher set for comparison (4,000 yen)】