Cute spring-colored stainless steel bottles from the Starbucks/STANLEY collaboration!

Starbucks has released STANLEY stainless steel bottles for sale at Starbucks stores and other locations starting Thursday, March 10, 2022!

New Starbucks x STANLEY bottles for 2022

Stanley’s stainless steel bottles, which were launched in the spring of 2021, are back with a new design, and for 2022, two types are available: a 236 ml bottle that is compact and easy to carry, and a 370 ml bottle that can be easily carried through the fingers on a hook attached to the lid. Both are made of vacuum double-layer stainless steel and have excellent heat and cold retention properties.

The design features three pale colors: pink purple, ice green, and baby blue. The soft colors are perfect for the coming spring season. *Only baby blue is available exclusively at the online store.


STANLEY Starbucks Edition

【Release Date】 Mar. 10 (Thu), 2022
【Store】 Starbucks stores, Starbucks online store
・Stainless steel bottle STANLEY 236ml 3,850 yen
・Stainless steel bottle STANLEY 370ml 4,730 yen

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