Cute! & Stylish! ANNA SUI and Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Eternal are going to collaborate!

From March 15 (Mon.) to April 9 (Fri.), 2021, ANNA SUI will be accepting reservations at all of its directly-managed stores and at the ANNA SUI Shop. The accessories are scheduled to be delivered from early September.

Inspired by Super Sailor Moon & Chibi-Usa (Rini/Sailor Chibi Moon) & Pegasus

The collaboration collection between Ana Sui and “Sailor Moon Eternal” includes rings, necklaces, and earrings based on the story of the show. The collection includes accessories focusing on Super Sailor Moon, as well as Chibi-Usa and Pegasus, who play key roles in the story. All of the accessories feature the unique purple tone coloring of the collaboration with Anna Sui.

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Three-dimensional Pegasus ring

The ring is a three-dimensional representation of Pegasus, with the words “Twinkle Yell!” engraved on it, which the little bunny calls Pegasus. The butterfly on Pegasus’s paw also expresses the worldview of Ana Sui.

Right) Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Eternal” the Movie x Ana Sui Pegasus 3D Ring: 13,000 yen + tax

Legendary Chalice” pendant with lid that can be opened and closed.

The “Legendary Chalice” pendant, a key item in the story, has a butterfly motif on the front, a symbol of Ana Sui. In order to recreate the “legendary chalice”, the gimmick of opening and closing the lid was also carefully designed.

Left) Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Eternal” x Anna Sui Legendary Holy Grail Pendant 28,000 yen + tax

Crystal Carillon” earrings with swaying bells.

The Crystal Carillon, an important item that Pegasus gave to Chibi-Usa (Rini/Sailor Chibi Moon), is now available as earrings and pierced earrings. The transparency of the Crystal Carillon is faithfully expressed by the use of resin. The bell part also shakes like the real thing.

Right) Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Eternal” the Movie x Ana Sui Crystal Carillon Earrings / Earrings 20,000 yen + tax

“Moon Kaleidoscope” brooch

Super Sailor Moon’s weapon, the Moon Kaleidoscope, has been made into brooches and hairpins. The stars add to the pop mood that Ana Sui is known for.

Right) Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Eternal” the Movie x Anna Sui Moon Kaleidoscope Brooch/Hairpin 12,000 yen + tax


Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Eternal” the Movie x Anna Sui

【Storefront Reservation Period】 Mar 15 (Mon) – Apr 9 (Sun), 2021
【Available Store】 Ana Sui stores, Ana Sui stores
【Store in Osaka】 ANNA SUI Tennoji MIO Store