Daimaru Umeda branch of “Patisserie Ginnomori” opens a limited store, including cookie tins to enjoy the “blessings of the forest”!

PATISSERIE GIN NO MORI will open its first store in Daimaru Umeda from January 11 (Wed.) to 17 (Tue.), 2023, in the “Okashina (Candy) Parade” on the B1 floor.

Patisserie GINNOMORI” opens a limited-time store at Daimaru Umeda store.

Patisserie Gin Nomori is a patisserie with its main store in the Ena Silver Forest, a park-type facility located in Ena City, Gifu Prefecture. The popular store offers a wide variety of sweets using the bounty of the forest, such as its signature cookie tin, pound cakes, and confiture, as well as nuts and berries.

“Petit Bois” cookie tin to enjoy the bounty of the forest

The signature product “Petit Bois” is a cookie tin filled with cookies made from forest ingredients in a tin that looks like a jewel box. As the name “petit bois” means “little forest” in French, you can enjoy various blessings of the forest, such as handmade Japanese acorn flour, kumazasa bamboo grass with a subtle cool scent, sweet and sour raspberries and sansho, and sansho (Japanese pepper) with a subtle numbing and sweet taste.

“Petit Bois” 120 cans, 1,944 yen; 150 cans, 3,564 yen; 180 cans, 6,264 yen
Image shows 150 cans.
120 cans are available only at stores.

Aurora-colored winter-only designs are also available.

The lineup also includes seasonal cookie tins made to match the changing seasons. This year, the Winter tin will feature cookies made with caramel, nuts, ruby chocolate, ganache, and other ingredients in an aurora-colored design tin.

“Petit Bois Winter can” 4,050 yen


Patisserie GINNOMORI” limited time store

【Store Period】 Wednesday, January 11 – Tuesday, January 17, 2023
【Location】 Daimaru Umeda B1F “Candy Parade”
【Official Website】
【Online Store】 https://ginnomori.jp/