Damn Cute! Popular Pixar character cakes are now available at Ginza Cozy Corner!


Sweets featuring popular Pixar characters such as “Cars,” “Mr. Incredible,” and “Toy Story” will be available at Ginza Cozy Corner for a limited time from April 23 (Fri.).

Picture: Pixar Collection (9 pieces) [Petit Cake] 2,700 yen (tax included)

For Children’s Day celebrations and small gifts!

This year’s release is a set of sweets that can be enjoyed by parents and children to celebrate Children’s Day or during Golden Week snack time.

The “Pixar Collection (9 pieces)” is an assortment of petit cakes with designs of 9 different characters, including a strawberry mousse with the image of Lightning McQueen from “Cars” and a raspberry julee and mango cream cake with the image of Jack Jack from “Mr. Incredible. It is an assortment of petit cakes with designs of nine different characters.

Reservations can be made at stores from April 19 (Mon.), and the cakes will be delivered at stores from April 23 (Fri.). Reservations are also being accepted at the “Online reservation for pickup at stores” on the official Ginza Cozy Corner website, and can be picked up at stores from April 24 (Sat).

The “Pixar Cookie Assortment (6 pieces)” 540 yen (tax included) is an assortment of white chocolate and strawberry cookies printed with six popular Disney and Pixar characters, and the box is also designed with the characters, making it a great small gift for Children’s Day.

The “Pixar Sweets Box (10 pieces)” containing an assortment of these cookies and two popular madeleines will also go on sale for 918 yen (tax included).


The Pixer Collection

【Release Date】 Apr 23 (Fri), 2021
【Store】 Ginza Cozy Corner nationwide