Damn Cute! Sanrio “Cinnamoroll” sweets now available from Mini Stop!


Sweets featuring the Sanrio character “Cinnamoroll” went on sale at Ministop stores nationwide on August 17, 2021 (Tuesday). Let’s go to Ministop and check them right now!

Sanrio “Cinnamoroll” Sweets

Sanrio’s popular character “Cinnamoroll” and Ministop have collaborated to create two types of cute sweets.

The “Cinamoroll’s Tail Parfait” is a parfait based on the cute back of Cinamoroll, with plenty of whipped cream to represent the tail and ears. The whipped cream is chocolate mint flavored with a refreshing aftertaste. The chocolate mint pudding and chocolate mousse are layered with sponge to add a textural accent.

On the other hand, “Cinnamon Roll of Cinnamon Roll” is a soft sweet bread with cinnamon filling rolled into the dough and topped with sugar. The “Cinnamon Roll of Cinnamoroll” will be offered in a cute package featuring Cinnamoroll “holding” a cinnamon roll.

Mini Stop is also selling “Sanrio Characters Strawberry & Whip” and “Sanrio Characters Chocolate & Whip” in limited quantities, which are Sanrio Characters designed glasses filled with whipped cream and mousse.


Sanrio Character “Cinnamoroll” Sweets

【Release Date】 Aug 11 (Wed), 2021 *Available in limited quantities *Sales end as soon as they are gone.
Sanrio Characters Strawberry & Whip 440 yen
Sanrio Characters Choco & Whip 440 yen

【Release Date】 Aug 17 (Tue), 2021
Cinamoroll’s tail parfait 259 yen
Cinnamoroll’s Cinnamon Roll 149 yen

【Store】 Mini Stop Nationwide