Damn Cute! Sumikko Gurashi Japanese sweets are on sale now!

Sumikko Gurashi’s “Sakura” motif Japanese confectionery “Tabe-Mas (Eating mascot) Sumikko Gurashi Shirokuma / Tokage Sakura ver.” Will be released on February 28, 2022 (Monday) at AEON ION STYLE stores nationwide. It is now on sale at the Japanese sweets corner.

Tabe-mas Sumikko Gurashi Polar Bear / Lizard Sakura ver. 410 yen

“Tabe-Mas (abbreviation of eating mascot) Sumikko Gurashi” decorated with cherry blossoms Polar bear & lizard

A new spring version of “Tabe-mas Sumikko” has been added to the “Eatable Mascot” character Japanese confectionery “Tabe-Mas”. There are two types, a strawberry-flavored “polar bear” with cherry blossom petals on hand and a custard-flavored “lizard” with a cherry blossom crown on its head.

Along with the delicate taste unique to Japanese sweets, the lovely expressions of “polar bear” and “lizard”, which are finely expressed using bean paste, sugar, and rice cake flour, are attractive. It’s the perfect dish for when you want to be healed or for tea.


Tabe-mas Sumikko Gurashi Polar Bear / Lizard Sakura ver.

【Release Date】 Feb. 28 (Mon), 2022-
【Place】 Wagashi (Japanese Sweets) corner at AEON and AEON Style stores nationwide (excluding Okinawa)
*Sales end as soon as they are gone.
*The date of sale may vary depending on the store.
*Some stores may not carry this product.
【Flavor】 Polar bear (strawberry flavor), lizard (custard flavor)
【Price】 410 yen

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