Damn Cute! You must buy! Starbucks will release new goods with a beautiful cherry blossom color and motif!

From Starbucks, the second new goods with a cherry blossom motif have appeared. It will be released at Starbucks stores nationwide from March 3, 2023 (Friday).

The second series of cherry blossom motif goods

Following the first series, the second series of goods in the SAKURA series expresses modern cherry blossoms with pink as the main color. There are cherry blossom design tumblers and mugs that make you feel like spring just by looking at them.

The lineup includes a transparent cherry blossom stainless steel bottle, a simple dull pink tumbler, and a pink-toned stainless steel bottle in collaboration with STANLEY. In addition, items that are perfect as gifts for loved ones, such as a message card with a cherry blossom-shaped drink exchange ticket, will also appear.

Sakura goods made with “Hagi ware”

In addition, during the period, a cherry blossom version of the collection made with Hagi ware, a traditional Japanese craft that has been handed down in Hagi City, Yamaguchi Prefecture, will also be developed. We have a light pink mug that reminds us of cherry blossoms, a soft ivory bi-color mug, and a gradation color canister that can hold about 150g of Starbucks coffee beans.


2nd Sakura Goods

【Sales Period】 From Friday, March 3, 2023 *Ends as soon as supplies run out
【Items & Price】
・”3WAY Stainless Tumbler STANLEY Dusty Pink 473ml” 4,350 yen
・”SAKURA2023 cold cup tumbler pink 473ml” 2,200 yen
・”Rice husk tumbler pink 458ml” 2,300 yen
・”SAKURA2023 mug floral rim 355ml” 2,350 yen
・”SAKURA2023 Color Changing Heat Resistant Glass Mug 355ml” 2,800 yen
・”SAKURA2023 Stainless Bottle Petal 355ml” 3,900 yen
・”SAKURA2023 stainless steel bottle marble 355ml” 4,000 yen
・”Stainless Bottle STANLEY Dusty Pink 473ml” 5,000 yen
・ “SAKURA2023 Starbucks Mini Cup Gift Hologram” 1,050 yen
・ “SAKURA2023 Beverage Card Hologram” 700 yen
・”SAKURA2023HAGI Magby Color 296ml” 3,000 yen
・”SAKURA2023HAGI mug pink 296ml” 3,000 yen
・”SAKURA2023HAGI canister gradation with wood lid” 3,500 yen
【Official Website】 https://www.starbucks.co.jp/