Detective Conan” Japanese confectionery joins “Rei Furuya” and “The Criminal”!


The Detective Conan wagashi “Tabe Masu (*Eating Mascot) Detective Conan 2022” will be available at Seven-Eleven chilled sweets corner nationwide from April 15, 2022 (Friday).

Detective Conan’s Japanese confectionery joins “Rei Furuya” and “The Criminal”

The “EATING MASU” series of Japanese confectionery, which uses bean paste, sugar, glutinous rice flour, and other ingredients to express characters, has a new release to coincide with the release of the theatrical version of “Detective Conan: Bride of Halloween”. The three motifs are Conan Edogawa, the main character, Rei Furiya, a public safety police officer who makes her first appearance in the “Eating Mas” series, and the criminal, who is an integral part of the story. The three flavors are custard, strawberry, and chocolate, respectively.

Conan Edogawa is delicately reproduced in his trademark red bow tie. He also features a cute winking face.

Rei Furuya, who has three faces: detective, bourbon, and detective Toru Amuro, has been recreated with her distinctive hair color. The “criminal” from the story has an eerie expression that would make you want to arrest him when you find him in the store.


TABE MASU (Eating Mascot) Detective Conan 2022

【Release Date】 April 15 (Fri), 2022
【Price】 278 yen / each
【Store】 Scheduled to go on sale at chilled sweets sections of 7-Eleven stores nationwide
*Limited quantities, sales will end as soon as the product is gone.
*Product availability may vary by store.
*Some stores may not carry the product.
*Image shown is for reference only.

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